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May 16, 2012 filed a motion with the Arlington County, Virginia Circuit Court judge Alpert notifying the court that defendant Dolores O'Brien has never been served, regarding judges alleged order may third 2012.. Of course the court will not allow anyone to see the docket ,will not allow a copy of the court docket, and will not verifies the alleged hearing May 9, 2012 placing hijack /kidnapped minor child A/O allegedly in juvenile detention facility in a sham hearing where child was not advised of her rights to a honest attorney, and of right to have the proceeding recorded under Virginia law and statutes as a alleged criminal defendant cited in motion papers  Documents Watch


May 14, 2012 mailing off request for assistance to the FBI and Justice Department antitrust division seeking assistance with the members of Jericho Baptist Church ministries. And asking for protection for the family members of pastor Jol Peebles and the 50 excommunicated members of the church fighting to reclaim God's house taken in a illegal corporate takeover masterminded by the trustees their attorneys and other insiders. Committing fraud on the court and their congregation..See attachment Watch


Courageous members of the Jericho Baptist Church Landover, Maryland. Prepare a complaint against newly formed trustees of church alleging fraud, malfeasance of office, theft of church property, and fraud in contract regarding the theft of almost $1 billion in assets of Jericho Baptist ministries, Inc., Washington DC. After obtaining documents from register of wills, Circuit Court for Prince George's County, Maryland Department of assessments and taxation and the District of Columbia consumer affairs office. All indicating major fraud in the dissolution of the District of Columbia entity and formation of new insider controlled Maryland corporations for the benefit of corporate executives not the church body and the assets built with their donations to the house of GodSee attachment Watch


May 11, 2012 victim of foreclosure fraud puts auctioneer banks and purchasers in attendance at Prince Georges County Circuit Court . That they are personally liable for theft of this property under color of law and authority as they have failed to produce the note and comply with Maryland commercial law. Part one of many Watch 432 Update on 2 1/3 trillion dollars plus missing from Defense Department budget as revealed by defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld September 9, 2000. The Defense Department has not accounted for these funds which the GAO office of accountability has verified. No action has been taken, except to fire whistleblowers who brought this to the attention of their supervisors and Department of Justic Watch
432 Update on 2 1/3 trillion dollars plus missing from Defense Department budget as revealed by defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld September 9, 2000. The Defense Department has not accounted for these funds which the GAO office of accountability has verified. No action has been taken, except to fire whistleblowers who brought this to the attention of their supervisors and Department of Justice Watch


Walls of City of Praise Jericho Baptist Church. Under attack by Satan congregation fighting back report from Prince Georges County Court, Maryland, on how the court is helping corporate Raiders steal from God and his disciples. This can only mean difficult times for the congregation of which is said 3500 attended the first Sunday service after their pastor was illegally removed. At another location. While 350 corporate insiders attended church in the house that Bastor Betty Peebles built with the community and to praise God. Watch


Virginia authorities kidnaps Ashley O'Brien once again from Maryland Montgomery County. Officers were interviewing child and grandmother at 2:30 PM in Montgomery County. The was no warrant out for the arrest of Ashley O'Brien at the time. Shortly thereafter Fairfax County issued a unwarranted arrest warrant. Which was executed by Montgomery County police officer A. Wiesto too late for emergency hearing in Circuit Court. Most likely in retaliation for programs showing Fairfax County was notified prior to issuing Amber alert. By chaplain James Manship. Program 427. This is a kidnapping across state lines in violation of 18 USC 1512 and 1513 false intimidation of of victim or witness under color of law Watch


Victim of judicial abuse and unsigned orders takes on the Maryland Court of Appeals/deals for gangsters challenging their illegal use of unsigned orders and lack of administrative oversight robbing the citizens of Maryland of their legal rights. Under color of law and authority Watch


Chaplain James Manship being interviewed by Fairfax County police regarding missing child alleged AO. Furnished to me by chaplain Manship. Who has been fighting for the release of this child for 17 months from her captors and kidnappers in Arlington County, Virginia is a sham. Child protective services organization shaking down the US government using. False and fraudulent documents. Padded bills and invoices. To steal children from lawful parents in a child trafficking business. Supporting courts lawyers, judges, and social workers at the expense of loving, caring parents and their families.  See earlier programs Watch
  Transcript of George  McDermott's testimony  


April 29, 2012. Emergency deposition of Dolores O'Briens granddaughter chronicling her illegal kidnapping by Arlington County CPS workers and the 17 months of captivity and abuse of her legal and civil rights, as well as physical abuse by Arlington, Virginia County CPS workers. Working under color of law and authority with the help of Arlington County Family Court and circuit court judges covering up fraud after fraud after fraud by CPS workers, their supervisors, and Arlington County Commonwealth's attorneys, as well as other officers of the court. See attached documents. And other related programs at this site Watch


FBI and Justice Department officials in Boston, Massachusetts set a new standard for malfeasance of office. By the arrest of citizen.Natasha Marie Delima in Boston, Massachusetts. After she produced 38 videos, outlining the corruption, malfeasance of office, and title 18, crimes, 18 USC 4 . Ms. person felony, 18 USC Sections 1512 and1513 of this title.Also 18 U.S.C.§ 3771 : US Code - (Section 3771: Crime victims'rights act).See attachments and Senate interpretations of statutes. Simply click attachmentsCongressional Record cover letter Judiciary Senator Jon Kyl, Arizona Watch


Emergency deposition of Ashley Mae O'Brien, Sunday April 30, 2012.   This video tells of her 14 months of illegal captivity by CPS agents in Arlington County, Virginia.  Ashley was the 2nd child to run away from the same foster home.  After the first foster child ran away on 4/23; fearing for her safety and trying to get medical treatment for an assault on her by Arlington County on 12/07/2011. 
See related videos  382A-D.
The center for missing and exploited children were notified on 4/30 that the child was safe as well as the Fairfax County police on April 31 and she was enrolled in school on the same day.  The video is an hour and 30 minutes. 
Child protective services has issued an alert for this child listing her as missing.  Which is not the case as they well know.


FBI and Justice Department officials in Boston, Massachusetts set a new standard for malfeasance of office.  By the arrest of citizen.Natasha Marie Delima in Boston, Massachusetts.  After she produced 38 videos, outlining the corruption, malfeasance of office, and title 18, crimes, 18 USC 4 .  Ms. person felony, 18 USC Sections 1512 and 1513 of this title.Also 18 U.S.C.§ 3771 : US Code - (Section 3771: Crime victims'rights act).See attachments and Senate interpretations of statutes.  Simply click attachments  Congressional Record    cover letter Judiciary   Senator Jon Kyl, Arizona Watch


Putting FBI victims rights ombudsman on notice that the response of April 2, 2012 is being taken on appeal to the United States, committee on the Judiciary.  Five separate committees will be receiving it, asking how the victims rights ombudsman can respond to any correspondence that was not even received in the office until April third 2012 as US returned mail receipt verifies. Request for an investigation was sent to five committees the Senate Judiciary Committee, comprising 41 mailings and notification to superiors, with oversight over the US Justice Department, the FBI, and United States marshals service. All of whom now appear to be working in lockstep with the US judges in Dallas, Texas.  To cover-up threats of murder and theft of hundreds of millions of dollars from Jeff. Baron and his respective businesses by judge Royal Ferguson, Stacy Jernigan federal judges in Dallas, Texas, conspiring with court insider Peter Vogel and his mafia friends.Compliance form  Sen Akai   Judiciary   Sen Cornyn   USMC   Watch


wrapup of days events that the US Supreme Court closing comments on the lobbying effort to kill Obama care, and the influence the house and Senate staffers play in influence Supreme Court decisions also closing comments from George Washington as to state of our court system.Compliance form Watch


Notifying the United States Justice Department alleged criminal activity as possible. Unauthorized agents of the US marshals service have been harassing business acquaintance and Associates. George McDermott, similar to those criminal acts in Dallas, Texas, US marshals service, see program 419 , at the Washington field offices of the FBI. Who are on record as refusing to take a criminal complaint from George McDermott, because he is a political camera. However, they transferred me to the Baltimore office of the FBI, they'll be no help there ??? Compliance form Watch


March 28, 2012. Outside the United States Supreme Court. Received notification that alleged US Marshals
canvassing the building in which I do work at displaying a photo searching for me.. As earlier video shows 419 marshals were instructed not to contact myself or any related person without first notifying me by phone. Assuming they were not stupid. And out of abundance of caution. I notified the police at 411. As I believe these alleged marshals to be imposters posing as federal agents, since they would produce no business cards or ID. Compliance form


George McDermott and General George Washington at the United States Supreme Court discussing the need for judicial reform and judicial accountability of federal and state judges. And the worries and concerns of then Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson. That the Congress through due diligence removed judges when they become abusive to their oath of office and Constitution.
When the Government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.
Thomas Jefferson


March 19, 2012 road trip to FBI field office, Washington DC, to report  misconduct by purported US marshals in Dallas, Texas, threatening, harassing, Jeff Baron's family, friends and acquaintances and failing to identify themselves, failing to have any business cards, identification, and threatening parties. Agents failed to identify themselves, agents refused to produce any evidence subpoenas. See attached complaint to US marshals, directors seeking a criminal investigation. Watch


Filing a complaint with the United States marshals service director, Washington DC, asking for an investigation into the alleged criminal activities. US marshals and court all through Dallas, Texas, threatening and intimidating witnesses and victims of judicial terrorism and court fraud. See attachments. They are very crucial defending all rights and liberties of our citizens against the judges. Acting under color of law. And authority , 42 USC 1983-1985.


Arlington, Virginia courthouse interview with victim of judicial abuse, who has had her child illegally kidnapped by Arlington County CPS workers and her daughter wrongfully prosecuted by Arlington County Commonwealth's Atty. to cover-up the criminal assault on her 12-year-old daughter AO. By Arlington County Sheriff's office. Please within the court room and public hallways of the courthouse. Witnessed by many parties. Public defender sold out the Samantha Mahoney in an illegal plea agreement to cover-up crimes of his County's see actual footage of December 7 assault and programs 381, 382 A. - D. showing denial of all legal rights Watch


Notifying the US attorney's in Alexandria, Virginia, March 9, 2012 of the corruption within the Arlington County Virginia court system covering up for criminal acts of Commonwealth attorney, Commonwealth public defender, Arlington County Sheriff's Department. By concealment of video evidence showing false, malicious unjust prosecution of Samantha Mahoney. Of March 9, 2012 by judge Clark and others in the courthouse violating title 18, 272 statutes and 42 USC 1983 statutes under color of law and authority. Watch


Arlington, Virginia court report live with special guests James Manship chronicling the events in the court room 3-C four, Commonwealth's attorneys and public defenders conspired to commit fraud on the court and Arlington County attorneys and public defenders malicious bad-faith prosecution and persecution of Samantha, a 20-year-old victim of false arrest and false prosecution under color of law and authority. See programs 381 A-F chronicling past criminal conduct. To view the Sheriff letter, click here Watch


Arlington County, Virginia , March 9, 2012 . Petitioning Sheriff's Department for access to incriminating videos of Sheriff Department agents violently assaulting a 12-year-old child, December 7, 2011. And coverage of sisters, sham judicial proceeding for allegedly trying to stop the officer from hurting her sister. Witnessed by five other witnesses on December 7, 2011. To view the Sheriff letter, click here Watch


Grand Juries. And why we need them to be accessible by the general public. With special guest Janet Grenadier. Discussing how far the Alexandria, Virginia Circuit Court judges go to cover-up criminal acts committed by their fellow judges, Commonwealth's attorneys officers, parts of the court and privileged lawyers/insiders of the court. 40 min. plus. Watch


Maryland Court Watch Sharon Galloway files Petition for Write of Error Coram Nobis in Maryland Court of AppealsCLICK HERE. Sharon Galloway's response to the court in a Writ of Error Coram affects all citizens of the state of Maryland, who are victims of unsigned orders in violation of the Maryland Constitution, Article 4, Section 1. THIS AFFECTS EVERY CITIZEN! Watch


Maryland Court Watch Revisits Capitol Hill to Determine Why Congressmen and Senators in the Judiciary Committee Have not Responded to Emergency Requests (401-404 this site). The judge has granted Vogel's motion to to liquidate $60 million in assets in the Diabetes Research Trust, founded by Jeff, at 2 cents on the dollar in . The money will be used to fill Mr. Vogel's already bulging pockets. Who are the buyers of the assets? Insiders? Watch


U.S. Supreme Court Covering Up for Fraud Once again. Case numer 11-575. Visit to Court shows no signed orders. The docket is a disgrace for any court and the case file is mssing massive portions of the docketed items. Case Joseph P. Carson v. Office of Special Counsel Whistle Blower Action Being covered up by Supreme Court Justices. Watch


Supposedly to operate all of the companies/trust that Furgeson and Vogel seized from Jeff, Furgeson and Vogel appointed a "business" manager. 

The person they appointed, Damon Nelson, is a certified con-artist and perjurer.  Before his appointment, Nelson's primary business was operating a scam that was the subject of investigations by the Dallas District Attorney and by mainstream media. Nelson's scam was defrauding dozens of unsuspecting home buyers into parting with their money to "buy" property that Nelson's company had stolen and did not have title to.  When the real owners came to claim the properties that Nelson's company "sold", the home buyers were kicked out on the street.   

Nelson's partner is "Chase" Fonteno, a convicted felon of securities fraud.    As reported in the Houston Chronicle , in 2006, Nelson fabricated a corporation that he called "Nelson Funding" to con a charity into auctioning him off as one of the' "hottest CEO bachelors".  In fact, Nelson was actually running his scam with Fonteno at Hilton Head during this time. 

Nelson is the sole "business" person managing the companies seized by Furgeson, Vogel.  He is also the sole businessperson hired by Sherman to "operate" Ondova, which Nelson ran into the ground and caused it to cease operations.  

Nelson's primary role with both Vogel and Sherman is essentially to act as a "straw man", to commit perjury in court to assist Vogel, Sherman and the judges loot Jeff's trusts and businesses of millions of dollars.  To do this, Vogel is paying Nelson $18,000 using Jeff's money against Jeff's will. 

CBS's story on Nelson's company can be found HERE


Maryland court of special deals for gangsters and its leader judge Bell openly joined in a civil conspiracy to deprive Sharon Galloway of her rights and liberties under color of law. Using fraudulent, false, sham orders and the United States mail service to perpetrate a fraud or pro se litigants wholesale is a have done for years acting above the law and the Constitution when will you be I in US postal inspectors step in and stop the courts, criminal activities. Watch


Grand jury appearance denied citizen/victim Janice Wolk Grenadier. Even though ordered by the Supreme Court of Virginia to a specially assigned judge by the Supreme Court. Judge did however allow four hours of arguments and testimony outlining a conspiracy within the court clerks office, judges of the Alexandria city County court, and the office of Commonwealth attorney to cover-up the theft of far in excess of $90,000 in trust funds, and numerous other crimes by court insiders working against oath of office and constitutional duties. Grand jury was denied because clerk of the court refused to docket case properly and provide proper deficiency notices to Janice as long requires. Watch


Circuit Court for Prince George's County Maryland still covering up for the criminal fraud being committed on it by Friedman and McFayden. Predatory law firm, judge Thomas P Smith gangster judge, law firm of Jeffrey Fisher, and the law firm of Heidi S. Kennedy and their clients M & T Bank, BB&T Bank Corp. and the Saperstein crime syndicate using the Maryland JUDICIAL SYSTEM OF INJUSTICE. To perpetuate mortgage fraud by refusing access to the courts under color of law and authority to victims of foreclosure fraud. Watch


In retaliation for Mr. Baron's recent visit to Washington, the judges involved in unlawfully suspending Jeff's civil rights and transfering all of his money to their friends deployed nearly a dozen U.S. Marshalls to barge into the homes of Mr. Barons' friends, family and acquaintances, intimidating, harassing anyone associated with Mr. Baron. Unbelievably, the Marshalls, controlled by these judges, were instructed to defame Mr. Baron by making various allegations to Mr. Baron's acquaintances and neighbors. These are the the most ludicrous allegations I have heard of and clearly retaliation for Mr. Baron's whistle blowing. One of these acquaintances, John Margetis recorded the shake down Click Here
Judge Furgeson just ordered that his friend Peter Vogel be permitted to liquidate the remaining assets, which consists of a $60 million research trust funding juvenile diabetes research. The research trust is now ordered to be liquidated for 2% of its value and all money paid to Mr. Vogel and his law firm. The outrageous court documents are attached below. 817  818  819  820  821  822 
Videos 401 - 404 will be available soon
To see all of the documentation on the Jeff Baron case go to


January 20, 2011. Citizens traversed the halls of Congress seeking assistance form congressmen or senators to restore their rights and liberties which the abusive courts. Both state and federal income taxes had taken from them under color of law and authority Watch


January 19, 2011 road trip to Capitol Hill, where victims assert their constitutional right to redress their grievances to members of the United States Congress and Senate. Regarding their dealings with an abusive court system in Texas that refuses to abide by the Constitution and rule of law. Unfortunately, House Republicans were all taking a junket to Baltimore for the weekend and had no time for constituent needs.  Watch


Backup information for members of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee members and staffers were John Margateus and JEFFERY BARON'S  informed the judiciary committee members and their staffs of the extreme urgency of their request to meet with the Congressional representatives and oversight representatives of the US court due to the fact that the court has threatened the lives of these 2 individuals if they sought to go public exposing the corruption in Dallas, Texas courts. Pay close attention to the statement, John reads into the record in this segment, you won't believe. A judge could be so arrogant. Watch


Making the record for the visits to Capitol Hill to meet with House judiciary committee members and Texas delegation to see if John Margateus and JEFFERY BARON'S  can get an appointment with the Washington DC FBI criminal investigation unit regarding out-of-control federal judges in Dallas, Texas. Watch


part one of 5 half-hour segments of two Texas residents. John Margateus and JEFFERY BARON'S  who have come to Washington DC, January 16, 2012, to ask for assistance from their congressman, their senators, the House Judiciary Committee members responsible for protecting our citizens from corrupt judges under five USC 2902 through 2907, to report mail fraud to the US Postal Service inspector general's office Arlington, Virginia. In person. And seek to have meetings arranged by their congressman and senators with Washington DC FBI agents because their lives have been threatened repeatedly by the corrupt courts of Dallas, Texas and to report bankruptcy fraud under 18 USC 3057.
Folks, you won't believe the story. This is why America is bankrupt victims referred to reporter George McDermott by William Windsor, Atlanta, Georgia advocate for justice.
There are two attachments  which yield the judicial terrorism taking place against JEFFERY BARON'S  DOCKET  case locator   bankruptcy


Follow-up to events in federal District Court Alexandria, Virginia, January 6, 2012, regarding further criminal acts of Arlington County Commonwealth's attorneys office and attempts by the federal courts to cover-up the fraud and abuse of children by Arlington County CPS workers, guardians ad litem, County judges, and sheriffs Department agents. Asserting false claims that the American Bar Association and its members are the only persons allowed to represent victims as next friends of the court. Which is contrary to the written law and the oath of office judge Anderson took and is on file with that court. See attachments. Letter from the Justice Department and FTC citing RICO violations by the ABA and states Watch


Discussing Dolores O'Brien's suit against Arlington County Virginia sheriffs Department, CPS agency, County judges, and County school board. For their willful malicious vindictive conspiracy to frame up Dolores O'Brien on fraudulent unsubstantiated charges of illegal trespass, trial was held on December 9, 2011 which no evidence could be found of criminal conduct or content Dolores O'Brien is seeking damages for willful malicious wrongful prosecution and persecution by County employees to cover up their criminal acts. In the theft of children and selling them under the guise of CPS administrative agency. Watch


January 6, 2011 United States District Court Alexandria, Virginia . Friend Of the Court, James Manship argues against Arlington County CPS Virginia lawyers. Trying to dismiss case, saying friend of the court , pleadings against CPS agents and Arlington County judges, are barred because friend Of the Court, James Renwick Manship is not a member of the Virginia Bar Association and has no standing to represent victims rights as a friend of the court. Which is an absolute falsehood by the judge and Commonwealth attorney. Not supported by the Constitution. Or the views of the Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission Watch


Road trip to FBI headquarters Annapolis Maryland, December 22, 2011, of course, the doors were locked. No one was in the office at 12:30 PM . To alert agent John Sheridan of the latest criminal acts by Calvert County, Maryland court personnel. Trying to frame up Jean Michaud , using the credentials of of Dr. Theresa Grant and sealed, only psychological report and evaluation done in a public library. To have the defendant declared legally incompetent. In what is believed to be a criminal conspiracy between the public Defender, Calvert County States Attorney, and judges Krug, Clagett, and Riddle to cover up their crimes against this defendant. See attachments. Watch


Road trip to Elton Maryland offices of the dishonorable William Riddle, Esquire.
        Cecil County's corrupt circuit court system/offices, and Cecil County Real Estate Commission to pick up formal complaints to file against real estate agents supporting Cecil bank's and William Riddle's continuing frauds on the citizens of Cecil County and surrounding areas through sham land transactions and fraudulent foreclosure proceedings in violation of the Maryland real estate code of ethics.


Joseph McCuley goes to Washington, DC, to report to the members of the Pennsylvania a Congressional Delegation in the U.S.House of Representatives as to the abuses being ignored by the Environmental Protection Agency and OSHA in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. His employer, rather than correct or address workers concerns fires employees and tells them to get a lawyer . Our lawyers will take care of this. And keep your mouth shut Watch


 A Christmas message from George Washington to you. Yours may everyone have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.  Yours in truth George McDermott Watch


Road trip to Elton Maryland, December 21, 2011 to pay respects to a American hero. Josie, Sarrah with other victims of Cecil County court system, Cecil Bank and Cecil County Bar Association. Most corrupt attorney William Riddle. Charley Azor, Sam Brenner, Tom Armour, the Charlie Zimmer family and Nancy were in attendance, along with Josie's family and over 100 hundred others persons in attendance. All in attendance. Bewildered by wind be FBI and Justice Department had not shut down Cecil bank and its attorneys who seem to be above the law. Watch


A tribute to a champion of justice and victims rights, Josephine Sarrah. An American hero who stood up against the corrupt judicial system, Cecil County, Maryland corrupt attorneys. And Cecil Bank's Mafia influenced management had devastated the systems Cecil County, Maryland, with the help of William Riddle and Cecil County Bar Association, which refuses to address fraud on the court in a bar by its lawyers supporting corruption over, justice. Josie's history can be seen on this website programs.101+109+114+141+281 and program 292 , may she rest in peace out of the reach of the Cecil County, Maryland corrupt judicial system. And may her memory live on. Watch


Interviewing Parties to Federal class-action lawsuit against.Arlington County Virginia CPS services and states attorney's office as defendants. Federal judge allegedly at 11th hour 59th minute
cancels open court proceedings and hearing allegedly to hear the case on papers submitted which is a violation of the plaintiffs constitutionally vested rights under color of law and authority..
See the excellent article by the Washington examiner reporter Barbara Hollingsworth [Att].imz - 5026


December 16 2011 Road trip to Annapolis Maryland Court of Special Appeals
to refile appellant's brief  and stop in Crownsville, Maryland to file a complaint against Calvert County. Public defenderof Jean Michaud with the Attorney Grievance Committee
follow-up to program 386. [Att imz-4810] + imz 4648]


Road trip to Charles County, MarylandDistrict CourtTo deliver chambers copy of Motions filedI friend of the courtTo visiting judge in Calvert CountyA loading court thatCourt appointed Public defenderIs not acting in the best interest of the client OrThe courtAnd is actually trying to Sell her client outTo protect her employerThe Calvert County Judicial system Of corruption Watch


Road trip to the US Supreme Court. December 14, 2011 with a witness, James Renwick Manship , who together. We reviewed the case file and records of the US Supreme Court produced by the clerk of the court. Once again no signed orders, to backup the sham order mailed By the Court, December 12th. Order is null and void under 5 USC 2902 petitioner will be seeking a grand jury investigation into the mail fraud of this court motion for reconsideration was not in the file. Secondly review the case of Mark Tomy parental rights advocate out of Pennsylvania. Once again no record of motion for reconsideration, all orders unsigned. Affirming fraud was committed on that petition. [Att 2] Watch


Road trip to the US Supreme Court 11:45 PM, December 13 2011 to file a response to any demand, regarding unauthorized order received. December 13, purportedly from William K Suter clerk of the US Supreme Court denying motion for reconsideration. See attachment [Att 1] Watch

382 D

December 9, 2011 second report with witnesses to the trial where the judge disallowed request for a jury trial, motion for continuance, and allowed the County assistant attorney to make false statements and suppress defendants witnesses answers and testimony. October 6 review of case file by this reporter shows that no initial report was ever filed with the court as testimony was given in court. And witnessed by defendants civil rights attorney also present in the court.
Dick if you could please put these videos up I would greatly appreciated I have two more or more in the series.

382 C

December 9, 2011 first report from Arlington County Virginia criminal court where County attorneys, CPS workers, and court insiders. Had falsely accused defendant Dolores O'Brien of criminal charges resulting from a visit to her granddaughters school when she was invited to attend a meeting by the mother. Dolores represented herself and defeated the charges transcript will show just how corrupt this system is for those who wish to purchase it from the court. Watch

382 B

Video record of events occurring In the Court, December 7th 2011 brutal assault leading up to the vicious assault on 12-year-old child AO and her sister at 6:30 PM witnessed by numerous parties to the federal class-action lawsuit against Arlington County Virginia CPS and court insiders operating under color of law and authority, Watch

382 A

Chronicling of events after assault by officers of the court against 12-year-old AO. While trying to speak to her mother and court appointed attorney during a recess of the court. Which resulted in child being assaulted under color of law and authority and arrested. Also sister of AO. Was assaulted additionally putting handcuffs dragged into the holding cell eventually released without charging and had to seek medical treatment in Georgetown medical Center. For injuries sustained in the malicious assault.            See [Att] 1 Watch


Delores O'Brien forced to court to defend the kidnapping of her daughter by Arlington County Virginia Child protective services case # JJ033419-01-00-V and the juvenile And Domestic Court, Arlington County Virginia. Which is concealing documents which will prove that the kidnapping and wrongful imprisonment was done in violation of the law and is being covered up by the courts see attached motion for access to records filed December 6, 2011. Please pray for the O'Briens and demand accountability of judges and court insiders CPS agents involved.See [Att] 1 Watch


Victim Delores O'Brien outlines the criminal actions taken against her and her daughter by the Arlington County Virginia judges, CPS workers, and states attorney's office to cover-up their illegally kidnapping of Delors O'Brien's daughter under color of law and authority in the cover-up by the judicial system in Arlington County Virginia promoting child trafficking for profit by an out-of-control child protective service agency and supervisory personnel, destroying families for the benefit of court insiders financial gain and enrichment. If you are a victim Arlington County CPS. Contact George at with your case information. Federal class action complaint to the attached to this video later. Watch


Department of Justice Headquarters Washington DC November 22, 2011 seeking an audience with Deputy Attorney General Tom Perez of the civil rights division once again asking for an investigation into the corruption in the Maryland state and federal court system under 18 USC §§ 271 – 272. And ask that a federal grand jury be convened to investigate Maryland's seventh judicial circuit court system for denial of due process rights under color of law to Jean Whales Mashaud’s false arrest and malicious prosecution by Calvert County Sheriff Department, prosecutors office, and public defender all acting under color of law and authority. Watch


November 22, 2011 appearance at the FBI Headquarters Washington DC members of, and Seeking appearance with agents of the FBI civil rights division to ask for an investigation into the corruption in the Maryland state and federal court system under 18 USC §§ 271 – 272. And ask that a federal grand jury be convened to investigate Maryland's seventh judicial circuit court system for denial of due process rights under color of law to Jean Whales Mashaud’s false arrest and malicious prosecution by Calvert County Sheriff Department, prosecutors office, and public defender all acting under color of law and authority. Watch


George McDermott with special guests James Renwick Manship join OCCUPYTHELAW November 22, 2011 appearance at the US Supreme Court putting court clerks and Judges on notice. That they have an obligation to our country and the citizens therein under their oath of office requires under 5 USC §§2902-2906 and making the record date document retrieved From the Court official file jacket, November 22nd showed all orders but ("1") were unsigned false statements made by the and cannot stand the test of law. 18 USC§§1001 + 1334. Watch


Alerting the Supreme Court clerks office and police November 18, 2011 of a rally to be held November 22 also checking the court docket to verify that motions were not been filed or properly by clerk's office also visit to FBI Headquarters, then to the US Justice Department headquarters winding up at the Supreme Court demanding accountability of our Judges court clerks and government agents under five USC 2902-2907. Watch


George McDermott with Leaving freedom Plaza going to the US Supreme Court November 13, 2011 to file papers requested by the court clerk's office October 28, 2011 papers filed (1) requested affidavit for motion to reconsider. (2) petitioners amended short statement stating intervening facts which the court could not be aware of warranting a reconsideration as the court cannot allow court clerks to issue unsigned orders. As De Facto judges not nominated by the president of United States under 5 USC §§2902-2906, the orders of the court that are unsigned are mail fraud 101 and cannot stand the test of law. 18 USC§§1001 + 1334.
Affidavit   Postmaster Request    Reconsideration


Maryland court the and secret news returns to Washington DC November 13, 2011 to file amended pleadings to the US Supreme Court case number 10 – 10236 stopping by freedom Plaza to lend support to the occupy DC patriots. Watch


November 12, 2011 11:45 PM trip to the United States Supreme Court to file amended motion for reconsideration including affidavit, abbreviated motion and original motion put back into the record as it was being incorporated by reference court clerks are not judges and have no power to dismiss cases 5 USC 2902-2906 prohibits courts from acting as de facto judges and makes a criminal offense, Watch


Breaking news Phelps point Baltimore public announcement Sharon Galloway, George McDermott, and Shorty a.k.a. Duane Davis announce formation of occupy the website and media reporting on corruption in the courts, assisting pro se litigants navigate are broken court system favoring gangster lawyers over the Constitution. Also serving subpoena on J.P. Morgan chase for victim of foreclosure fraud Jean Mishaud. Victim of the Mafia controlled Calvert County Maryland judicial system. Watch


Road trip to Annapolis Maryland court of special appeals to file appellant's brief and McDermott vs. M&T BANK Corp./Friedman and MacFadyden Maryland's out of control foreclosure machine/lawyers. Also trip to Easton Maryland to visit with pace professional compliance examiners. To deliver documents regarding M&T BANK Corp./Friedman and MacFadyden , FRAUDULENT FORECLOSURE documents put before the court  COSA Appeal Watch


the walls of Jericho city of Praise Ministries under attack by corporate raiders, Maryland, court insiders, and Prince Georges County Judge Dwight D Jackson. Supporting newly purported elected board of trustees and insiders over the vigorous objections of the congregation and the founding members of the founding fathers of this congregation. Once again corporate raiders freeze all assets of the congregation to pay their corporate lawyers to cover-up their crimes. Watch


Chronicling in documenting that October 5, 2011, George McDermott received by US mail five summons to be delivered on the defendants, J.P. Morgan chase bank and their co-conspirators in the matter of Bill Gottlieb versus J.P. Morgan for mortgage fraud, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and outright extortion. Watch


trip to United States district Court Greenbelt Maryland to get summons for defendants, J.P. Morgan chase and others for Jean, and tried to get the signed oath of office of 40 judges on the federal bench, Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, and United States Supreme Court. To prove that the unsigned orders in the record Re: fraud. Watch


 Easton Maryland meeting with forensic auditor to forensic audit on McFadden's fraudulent foreclosure. Note. And visit to Dorchester County Maryland Circuit Court to meet with other victims of Friedman and McFayden law firm. And forensic auditors who were appalled at the alleged dismissal order to cover-up lawyers fraud on the court. Watch


George McDermott with Maryland court watch petitions the national archives and records administration in the Steny Hoyer and archives Building II, College Park, Maryland national archives is not store or have the the signed appointments and oath of offices of. FEDERAL JUDGES and US Supreme Court JUSTICES. According to of NVCT division chief Timothy K Nenninger. How can this be. See ...[W]here, the law requires the commission to be issued, the person selected is not entitled to office until the commission issues, and he cannot been legally qualified by taking the required until he has received his commission..[Legerton v. Chambers 163, P. 678, 32 Cal. App. 601][Magruder v. Tuck, 25 Md. 217][bold emphasis added]  ( If courts will not produce the original oath,s of office as required.
There, SHAM Judgments are NULL & VOID by law.)


 Segment 2 of -October 31, 2011. Jean's court appearance where it appears that Jean's court appointed psychologist is appalled at Jean's treatment by the court system of Calvert County and will be writing a letter recommending a change of venue. According to Jean as of 6:30 PM.. November video reveals just how public defender and prosecutor appear to be collaborating to put Jean in jail falsely to cover-up crimes of the Calvert County judicial system against Jean and Bill. New video on bills property which Paul monger stole with the help of judges, Clagett, Krug and R us Riddle us Watch


Calvert County District Court October 31, 2011. Filing a affidavit in support of defendant. Jean Michaud notifying the court, the public defender, the states attorneys, that an eyewitness to the criminal misconduct of Calvert County Sheriff Department that a witness was available and willing to testify for defendant and that 30 video movies were on the future videos will show how public defender Allison O'Connell is working with prosecutor to frame the defendant, Watch


October 29, 2011 clerk of the US. Returned motion for reconsideration filed With the Court, October 28 with deficiency notice 15 days to correct and supply affidavit. This is how the Supreme Court works. How many of you 9500+ victims of court did the clerk's office do this to. Watch


Leaving the US Supreme Court October 28, 2011 after reviewing the case files, and yes, the cover-up continues Mark's case clerk is never placed the motion three consideration.. And the court are the active judges by dismissing the motion illegally turning Mark into a dead slave lying lawyers as records will show committed fraud on the court repeatedly Watch


Making the record. October 28, 2011 after making filing with US. Court to to supply the court the nine additional copies of motion to reconsider under US Supreme Court rule rule 44 filed October 27 Watch


Filing a motion to reconsider sham order Of the Court, October third 2011 as the order is not in conformity with the Constitution, judges oath of office as was not signed cannot be authenticated and was issued by the clerk and mail fraud. Watch


Road trip to the Oxon Hill United States post office to get verification that all justices of the US Green court received delivery confirmation mail putting them judicial notice of that court was to adhere to their oath of office. Under five USC 2902 and five USC 2906. After several trips post office furnished proof of receipt. Watch


Road trip to Easton Maryland to meet with a forensic auditors have forensic audit done on the loan documents obtained from the Maryland court of special appeals that prove Friedman, and McFadden law, have been pressing a false claim for many years, all the way the US. Court and now the Sapperstein crime syndicates involved. Once again, as their agents in Baltimore have allegedly purchased at tax sale properties sold to BB&T bank. At sham foreclosure auction, August 18, 2010. Watch


Road trip to Dorchester County courthouse October 25 latest victim of Friedman and McFadden foreclosure machine gives interview in front of courthouses. Describing how court protects McFadden's foreclosure will even after he puts false documents before the court and cases dismissed. Gangster lawyer. Comes back time and time again to pursue false claims and commit further frauds on the court. Watch


October 19, 2011, leaving the US Supreme Court after viewing case files, only to find no orders authorizing clerks to issue unsigned orders and send back pleadings regarding the courts responsibility to verify an identify the judges in the judicial-Qorum. Necessary to dismiss cases presented to the court and docketed onto the record. The court clerk. After checking with superiors also denied production of his signed judicial oath of office and that of William Suter as required under 5 U.S.C.§ 3331, § 2906.Oath; Custody,TITLE 5 §§ 2902. Verify making false statements of fact to cover-up his criminal act of acting in a judicial capacity Without taking the oath prescribed by law , one cannot become a judge either de jure or de facto, and such an individual is without authority to act and his acts as such are void until he has taken the oath which he has not [French v. State, 572 S.W.2d 934] [Brown v. State, 238 S.W.2d 787]  Watch


Victim of judicial fraud, filing an Amended Petitioner's/ motion for the court to certify under penalty of perjury, the names of the individual judges authorizing this clerks office to dismiss case within unsigned unconstitutional order in violation of Maryland Constitution article 4 section 1. And Incorporated motion for the court to produce for copying and inspection the judicial oath of office of each individual judge of this court and the court clerk’s compliance with heir sworn allegiance to 0ur Constitution 5 U.S.C.§ 3331, § 2906.Oath; Custody,TITLE 5 §§ 2902. Prior to Entering the Court, October 19th 2011 to check for signed orders. Watch


Petitioning the United States Secretary of State records administration for copies of all judicial sworn oath of offices

all Supreme Court justices eight United States district and bankruptcy court judges in Maryland, United States Court of Appeals justices. Richmond, Virginia and the clerks of these courts. Under 5 U.S.C.§ 3331, § 2906.Oath; Custody,

TITLE 5 §§ 2902. As verifiable proof that the courts of the court of committing mail fraud against the citizens of the United States under color of law.


September 19 Rayburn house office building, Cato Institute discussion on changing the laws regarding electronic technology and government access to electronically stored data. Showing that big brother has two sets of rules, one for the general population and one for Government Agencies that are exempted from FOIA request and subpoenas of courts and legislative branches of government's. Records to prove that a fraud has been committed by government agents acting criminally outside of the law. Also citizens are no longer allowed entry to the federal judicial center, Washington DC, which refuses to produce administrative records,cost analysis, constitutional amendments and signed judicial oath of office of judges and court clerks required undercompliance with their sworn allegiance to 0ur Constitution  Watch


September 15, 2011. Filing a demand for proof and motion papers on United States Supreme Court clerk Suter for Mark Tomy case number 10 – 8196 yet another victim of unsigned unverifiable orders in violation of the Constitution and rule of law. Background: Mark programs 263, 280, 289 and 349, showing how Supreme Court disenfranchises our citizens with unsigned unverifiable, sham orders in conflict with title , title 18 of the U.S. Constitution. Request   Letter Watch


Rally at freedom Plaza and the Washington Monument grounds for DC statehood and Martin Luther King pre-dedication ceremony. This is but a fraction of the people who will be there on the 16th for the actual dedication many notable speakers including Sharpton,, Mayor Gray, Martin Luther king the third, and others. You have to be there to witness this momentous event. September 15, 201 Watch


October 11, 2011 citizen petitions the US House Judiciary Committee ChairmanThe Hon. Lamar Smith
the House Judiciary Committee itself, the committee support staff, three. Maryland Congressman, Sen. Barbara Mikulski's office, Sen. Ben Cardin's office, and the Senate Judiciary Committee staff office. All seeking to find the location where a citizen can obtain copies of signed official judicial oath of office of federal District Court judges, appellate court judges and the US Supreme Court justices and their respective law clerks. In preparation for a lawsuit alleging failure to perform on the contract, failure to provide honest services, conspiracy to to deprive citizens of due process rights at law, secured under the Constitution and enumerated under 42 USC 1983. Also to affirmed to the U.S. Postal Service that clerks of these courts are sending unsigned orders in the tens of tens of thousands in violation of title 18 USC mail fraud statutes 1334, to deprive citizens of their due process rights at law under color of law.  Oath   Supreme Court


Occupy DC and occupy K St. demonstrations, Washington DC Saturday, October 8, 2011, thousands gather to voice dissent as to the direction our nation is going and the lack of concern our government has is out-of-control deficit and national debt. Yet not one member of Wall Street and the international bankers are being forced to answer for their crimes they committed against society and the United States treasury. Watch


October 7, 2011 THE United States Supreme Court clerks offices committing mail fraud and treason against the Constitution by fabricating bogus fraudulent unsigned orders to divest 8902, 11,000 petitioners a year of their legal rights to honest services from the court. Filing a demand for signed order and identification of justices, authorizing the parks illegal actions. Clerks office will not have no idea where the signed judicial oath of office of the nine justices is recorded at sea program 344. For background.. Judicial terrorism 101, to save lying thieving lawyers.
And there Corporate,clients, including BANKS, Multinational Corporations, and the American Bar Association. Demand for Proof   Secretary of State


October 6, 2011 road trip to Annapolis office of the Secretary of State for Maryland to obtain copies of 20 of office Maryland appellate judges and Maryland Atty. Gen. from the official record book for verification of the signatures against fraudulent orders issued by court personnel. Signatures on file with the Secretary of State prove court forgeries have been used to divest myself and others of our rights and liberties under color of law and authority by court insiders, who routinely forged judges signatures and to die our citizens access to the court. See attachments
original attachments are available the Secretary of State's office. If you believe you received an Unsigned Order or a Forged Order, Contact the FBI and Maryland Atty. Gen.'soffice and demand a criminal investigation.


October 5, 2011 update from MARYLAND COURT OF SPECIAL DEALS FOR GANGSTERS. George McDermott and Jean Mishaud visit the courts clerks offices to view the case files and get copies of pleadings for Sharon, Galloway case # 1093 2009 term. Which was dismissed with a unsigned order as witnessed by two witnesses. 50% of case file was missing. Upon inspection also case # 0736 2011 term against case hijacking judge Thomas P Smith and M&T Bancorp's purported trustees Friedman and McFadden shyster lawyers of Baltimore.
Victim Jean Mishaud files motion papers against court intervenor and gangster Paul Monger involved in the Cecil County, Maryland, Fraudulent Foreclosure RING. With County judges and Sheriff Evans as co-conspirators.


Road trip to Elton Maryland to see witness how the Circuit Court judge, and agents of Cecil Bank knowingly conspired to conceal fraud on the court, through denial of , victim, Tom Armour and his constitutional rights to due process at law. Incompetent judge moves ahead with hearing even though court docket indicates. Foreclosures by bank were striken on September 15. Court clerk will not produce that order, and judge stated he was too busy to address the allegations of fraud in contract, fraud on the court, and fraud on, Tom Armour. By Cecil Bank and its inside lawyer William Riddle Judge Robert Letter Watch


Demonstration in front of the US Supreme Court September 26 2011 Maryland Court watch to let the court and the court police. KNOW that the court file jacket of 10 – 10236 has had hundreds of pages removed from it illegally. Compromising petitioner's case in this very court.  FOIA Request Watch


September 26, 2011 road trip to United States Supreme Court clerks office to view case file and see what surprises the court clerks have set up in case number 10 – 10-10236 . As all Supreme Court justices were put on notice September 18 regarding 900 pages of missing documents from the courts official file jacket. Put into the record by petitioner September 18, 2011  Congressional mailing Watch


Taking the message to the US House of Representatives, cannon office building September 26, 2011 because not one member of the US House of Representatives has responded to three separate legal FOIA request. To identify the constitutional amendment that allows judges to issue unsigned orders in violation of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, allows judges judicial immunity from frauds they commit on the bench, and the constitutional amendment that allows judges act outside of title 18 of the United States criminal code. Specifically 18 USC 3057  Attatchment Watch


Road trip to US Supreme Court to file a motion with the court asking each individual justice to take judicial notice under FRE Rules of their oath of office and the Constitution of this United States and state of Maryland, which requires that judicial orders be signed and that court. The courts of record and seal. Filing was necessitated because September 13 visited the court revealed that 900 pages of pleadings and papers were missing from the court case file. And that not one member of the United States House of Representatives was signed responded to the FOIA request after being notified three times regarding constitutional amendment allowing use of unsigned orders in America's courts. Depriving citizens of the due process rights at law. Judge Robert letter   Judicial Notice   Cover Letter to Donna Edwards Watch


Breaking NEWS from Baltimore County Circuit Court , where, Maryland attorney general Douglas Gensler and Baltimore County police. Once again violate the legal and civil rights of a courageous African-American for exposing fraud in the courts. And making the record. Gensler was wasting taxpayers money prosecuting Shorty of Shorty's ribs while looking the other way at mass foreclosure fraud committed by agents within his department and members of the Maryland Bar Association, operating under color of law and authority. You'll love this video. Folks it shows how absolutely corrupt our judicial system has gotten and how the First Amendment is no longer respected by our courts. Sharon Galloway of Maryland Reports on the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Watch


Part of a video affidavit of victims. Jean Michaud and her husband Bill explaining how realtor Paul Monger you to the inside connections with the court to force an illegal foreclosure proceeding. To top it off evidences come forth that this realtor Paul Monger violated every code of ethics imaginable with the help of the Calvert County Maryland Sheriff Department. Which compounded the criminal acts of the illegal eviction by realtor Paul Monger actually selling off thousands upon thousands of dollars of Jean and bills possessions to insiders. While victim was still locked up in jail illegally. Yet their attorneys did nothing to prevent this, even though that he witnessed the sale and failed to disclose it to be victims Jean and Bill.. Watch


Part 1.Road trip to the US Supreme Court. September 13, 2011 to file a motion regarding docket irregularities and lack of response from the court also noncompliance of the court of its own rules and regulations. 3 min. long. Part 2 making the record after leaving court clerks office regarding missing files, court docket irregularities, and general evidence that the court clerks office is in noncompliance with the Constitution and rule of law. One bright new. I saw, and copy the original. Signed order of Chief Justice Roberts of February 28, 2011. Establishing debt if the Chief Justice of the United States signed orders a Pres. has been set for inferior courts.1. Motion filed September 13.2, court docket September 13.Judge Roberts, order, February 28. 4. Motion to court clerk alerting fraud. July 7, 2011. Ruth Jones court clerk. July 7, 2011
  Additionally U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge Nancy Alquist is allowing victim Thomas Armour to reopen his recently close cases due to reports of fraud and corruption by Cecil bank and its attorneys (see attachment.)

FBI Request  Judicial Notice  Memorandum  Closed Case


Jean Michaud's makes a record for Forensic Auditor Clarence Baldwin of Prince George's County Maryland as to help Paul Monger's personal relationships with this County judges and sheriffs resulted in her illegal incarceration, illegal eviction, and the theft of all for personal belongings which were placed into dumpsters and hauled off many items wound up in local flea markets a week later. Tell me this isn't so America. Watch


Court grants victim Jean Michaud's request for continuance it appears now she will have to seek help from the public defender as there are no attorneys in Maryland or the surrounding areas that are willing to represent a victim of judicial abuse, outright fraud, and a conspiracy by local law enforcement officials/Calvert County Sheriff and his agents. Flagrantly false eviction and false arrest under color of law. Which Forensic Auditor Clarence Baldwin of Prince George's County Maryland is learning more about. Watch


Road trip to Calvert County Courthouse to meet with victim Jean Michaud as she prepares to defend yourself against trumped up charges by the Calvert County Sheriff Department. Which have been contacted dozens of attorneys from the ACLU to major colleges of law. Everyone's too busy to represent a victim of judicial fraud and conspiracy by local Sheriff Department. Jean reads into the record statement to be presented this court seeking a postponement until counsel can be had. Forensic Auditor Clarence Baldwin of Prince George's County Maryland makes an appearance to see that her rights, violated once again. Watch


August 23, 2011 road trip to U.S. Bankruptcy Court Baltimore Maryland judge Nancy Alquist, presiding where US trustee is put on the stand under oath and admits. Damning evidence against Tom's former counsel, admits counsel abandon Tom withdrawing their appearance. Admits Tom forced into a chapter 7 liquidation against his will and the US trustee did nothing to prevent this. Admits allegations of fraud on the court by Cecil bank's attorneys was brought to his attention. Admits receipt of forged documents that he still insists on liquidating assets of, Armour to cover-up the criminal acts of Cecil bank's attorneys. See attachments regarding the courts notice of fraud [1] judicial notice.[2] friend of the court motion alerting the court as to fraud being perpetrated on the Hon. judge Nancy Alquist. Watch


Road trip to the United States Bankruptcy Court Greenbelt Maryland August 22, 2011 to file a motion for the court could take judicial notice of its oath of office to adhere to the Constitution and rule of law of the United States see attachment.[1]. Also filing a second Friend of the court motion [2] with the court alerting did that the Cecil bank its attorneys and corporate officers were committing fraud on the court as defined under 18 USC 3057 Watch


Road trip to Cecil County Maryland to the Armour farm's two interviews victim and making a video affidavit for the United States bankruptcy court judge Nancy Alquist. Video affirms that victim Tom Armour has been defrauded by Cecil bank, the banks attorney Tom Riddle Esquire, the appraisers, the settlement officers, the bank president was recently locked up by the federal banking commission for securities fraud. And the bankruptcy trustee's have failedto do their duty under 18 USC 3057 of the United States criminal code as required by law and statute..  Judicial Ombudsman Watch intro

Watch Show


August 4, 2011 road trip to Calvert County's Maryland circuit in District Court to obtain evidence that fraud was committed on Jean and Bill by court officers and sheriffs department agents. No signed order could be located in the court case file in circuit court denying emergency motion to reopen for fraud and emergency stay of illegal eviction.
Which was executed by County Sheriff's insiders and judge Krug Clagett and Riddle operating in consort to deny Jean access to the courts under color of law and authority
motion filed in Circuit Court judge Adams. With attachments to ACLU and US Justice Department as exhibits. Asking for help in taking down this criminal ring.   Grand Jury   Tom Perez    FOIA


Live interview with Donald stone in front of Baltimore city courthouse refuting Maryland Atty. Gen.'s accusations that is putting out untrue information on Mark and Gilbert Sapperstein, As The Maryland AG's office and Douglas Gensler are trying to use Extortion to enforce a Aease And Cesist threat against the Donald stone and illegally to protect the Md's Saperstein Crime Syndicate phony Image. Watch


Reported from Jean Michaud back. Back porch facing Solomons Island on judicial corruption with Grand Jury indictment against the Saperstein crime syndicate leader Gilbert Sapperstein, which the Maryland Atty. Gen.'s office and Maryland State Prosecutor help facilitate Gilberts evasion of jail time. Even though Maryland parole commission records show Saperstein was never in jail and no orders exist for reduction of sentence pronounced in court or home detention, and other words Gilbert Sapperstein is a FUGITIVE of justice.    Stone Doc    Grand Jury    D. Stone Doc Watch


Video proofs that Gilbert Sapperstein and family members Mark and others are not being defamed by Donald stone's website as Maryland Atty. Gen.'s office has suggested the indictment is but one of according to the Baltimore city paper 110+ indictments against syndicate members and the Saperstein's all but this one has been dismissed by friendly judges in Maryland and insiders in the Atty. Gen.'s office and state prosecutor's office check out Mob Town Beet byline. And the Baltimore Sun newspaper reports on "Sapperstein's theft" of millions of dollars from Baltimore Schools I Watch


Filing a motion for reconsideration Maryland court of special appeals July 26, 2011 in the matter of George McDermott versus M&T BANCORP & Friedman and MacFayden , GANGSTER foreclosure lawyers for predatory lender. Challenging the courts use of fraudulent unsigned, unauthenticated, VOID orders and the courts commission of mail fraud under 18 USC 1334 for sending false documents to the mail. Also, update on Jean Mashaud video of charges Jean was allegedly arrested for from sheriffs Lieut.. Emergency Motion   Void Judgements    SC Memorandum Watch


 July 25, 2011. United States Supreme Court filing a third Emergency motion with Chief Justice Roberts seeking a an injunction restraining order against the Maryland Court of Special Appeals from issuing any further unconstitutional (VOID unsigned orders or judgment) .Based on the courts sham order of July 20, 2011 covering up for the criminal acts of McFadden and M&T BANCORP, also. Memorandum to the Supreme Court clerk asking that the 900 pages of missing documents be located and restored to the case file. Watch


Programs 323 July 20, 2011 road trip to the US Supreme Court. Thanks to the e-mail order from Elizabeth Reeves . I will now be petitioning Chief Justice Roberts to help Jean Mashaud deal with the corruption within the Maryland seventh judicial circuit court system and the Maryland Bankruptcy court system. That our rubberstamping fraud committed by Calvert County judges and retired judges, W. Krug, judge, Clagett, and retired judge Platp, retired judge Ahault and Prince Georges County assignment judge Sheila Tillisson Adams who have voluntarily joined in Rico crime and conspiracy. Against Jean Mashhad and Bill.       7th Circuit Recusal  7/1 recusal    July 19th Motion Watch


July 20, 2011. Live report from the US Supreme Court. Going on record that thanks, U.S. Bankruptcy Court clerks office defending George McDermott finally obtained a copy of what appears to be a valid electronically verifiable signature of the court required under the 2000 the sign act and the digital signature, which will be copied to all Supreme Court justices in preparation for the September 23, 2011 scheduled review of case number 10 – 10236 McDermott versus McFadden gangster lawyers for M & T Bank Corp. fraudulent predatory lenders. Watch


July 20 2011 United States Bankruptcy Court denies relief once again saying that the illegal eviction of 9 AM September evicting Jean and her family July 13 was all right because court was relying on an order that was signed by an insider judge in state court at 4:30 PM on July 13 RETIRED "Judge Steven I. Platt " stepped in for specially assigned. Also retired Judge A. Monty Ahalt of Prince George's County. To facilitate this crime and creditor fraud while the bankruptcy court is complicit covering state courts, criminal acts . Case history is attached FBI and Justice Department will be notified under 18 USC 3057 for conspiracy to.justice by judges. One good thing came out of proceeding a verifiable electronic order. See attachment,


Road trip to Greenbelt, Maryland, US Bankruptcy Court to file to Amicus briefs in support of Jean and Bills, emergency hearing against Paul Monger and the Calvert County Sheriff Department who illegally, evicted them from their property and through their belongings into dumpster's as seen on earlier shows July 13, 2011. Program Continuing road trip to Washington DC Capitol Hill to deliver copies of AN EMERGENCY request to Congressman Steny Hoyer offices . Requesting that FBI in Washington DC Bureau be brought into this matter under 18 USC 3057 & 42 USC 1983 for fraud on the court by Monger and his attorneys, and a enlarging conspiracy to violate the legal and civil rights of Jean by the (" Calvert County Sheriff Department, acting under color of law and authority.   7th Circuit Recusal  7/1 recusal    July 19th Motion Watch


Petitioning Congressman Steny Hoyer and the rest of the Maryland delegation on Capitol Hill July 19, 2011 to take emergency action to stop the criminal judicial terrorism by Calvert Calvert County, Maryland judges Krug, Claggett, Riddle and retired judge Stephen Platt with the help of their supervisor’s Sheila Tillison Adams and Judge Lorenzell Martin. For failure to prevent the fraudulent eviction and false arrest of Jean Michaud. Victim of foreclosure fraud.  Letter to Congress  Petition to Congress  Petition to Calvert County Watch


July 13, 2011. The Calvert County foreclosure machines of Paul monger and Calvert County Sheriff Evans move forward with an illegal eviction with the help of Calvert County judges Krug, Clagett, Riddle, seventh judicial circuit judges Sheila Tillision Adams, plat, Lombardi, and judge Ahalt. Jean was arrested. All belongings were destroyed by a severe thunderstorm has family members and friends were not allowed to enter property to Paul Monger's property under threat of being arrested for trespassing. Thank you FBI for nothing   FBI FAX    Sherrif Request Watch


Road trip to Annapolis, Maryland to invite seek the FBI's help in preventing the illegal eviction of Jean Mashaud July 12th 2011, and also filing a freedom of information request for all 302 reports, the FBI has on file regarding foreclosure fraud and bank fraud reported to their offices by citizens in victims of foreclosure fraud in Maryland under 18 USC 3057. Also visit the Gov.'s office seeking help for Jean   Motion     FBI Invitation Watch


July 11, 2011 Cecil bank continues to pull the wool over the eyes of the US bankruptcy court judge Nancy Ahlquist yet no mention in the court of the underlying fraud on the court and Tom Armour, his family members and Armor Farmers. Also follow-up to Jean Mashhad visit to US attorneys office no help must go to FBI and get a 501 reports form before it US attorney will take action in any matter regarding white-collar fraud or foreclosure fraud against citizens. Watch


July 9, 2011 mailing the last part of the 535 default letters to the United States Congress as not one member or his FOIA compliance officer has legally complied with FOIA request as to the constitutionality of. Unsigned orders, judicial branch of government granting themselves judicial immunity in violation of article III for crimes committed against the Constitution, and constitutional amendment exempting courts from reporting fraud under 18 USC 3057 Watch


Report to Congress on the financial crisis: alerting all 535 members that a congressional hearing needs to be held regarding media reports that the DOD has approximately $3.25 trillion in missing and unaccounted for funds that government auditors have found factual yet their superiors have chosen to cover this up jeopardizing future of this nation, as DOJ and the courts have failed to do their job in prosecuting those who of scone did with these funds or received them under false pretenses Watch


July 7, 2011 filing a motion with US Supreme Court requesting that William Suter court clerk investigate the inappropriate use of his name and title by subordinate clerks to commit fraud on the litigants appearing pro se in that court, by altering and destroying court documents, failing to properly docket pleadings on the courts docket., And failing to recognize mail fraud statutes and FOIA request filed on the court by victims of out-of-control subordinate court clerks operating under color of law and authority yet without a call me the phone numbers of okay Watch


July 2 2011 Congressional Mailing Ctr. mailing 100 letters to Senators notifying each senator that their FOIA compliance officer is in noncompliance with FOIA statutes enacted by Congress. Having not responded to March 16 formal request for evidence of constitutional amendments allowing judges to act outside of the law, granting judges judicial immunity for crimes committed on the bench, and constitutional amendment exempting judges from 18 USC 3057 of the United States criminal code.  Rumsfeld Video   Letter to the Senators Watch


Victim Jean Michaud finally gets to meet with the FBI field office in Annapolis where she outlined her complaint in a 1 1/2 hour discussion special agent John M Sheridan who appeared very concerned as to the allegations put forth, concerning judicial abuse and mortgage fraud. Genes statement is available in this video. George McDermott elected to pass temporarily on filing his complaint so agent shared team could concentrate on Victim Jean Michaud. Watch


George McDermott speaking for Maryland court and secret at the June 19 rally for justice and victims rights on the US Capitol West lawn
topic unchecked judicial corruption and unchecked mortgage fraud by banks lending institutions and refinance companies using Robo signers and the American Bar Association to steal the property and legal rights of millions of Americans under color of law and authority.Victim Jean Michaud. Story was also highlighted.


Father's Day 2011 George Washington makes an appearance addressing his concerns over our Broken Judicial System and the Corruption that has overtaken our Government as of recent .you Offering a three-part strategy to return this nation to what the founding fathers had intended it to be a Republican Form Of Government of the people by the people and for the people. Not a Judicially suppressed nation controlled by the American Bar Association and its corporate clients subverting the laws and the will of the people for their own Personal Gain and Enrichment



Gen. George Washington explains the founders intent and setting up the grand jury process as a check and balance against corruption in Government, the Legislative Branch of Government and the Judicial Branch of Government. And the Executive Branch all of which should act with in the Constitution of the United States and when they fail to do so. We the people shall the right form a Grand Jury and seek indictments against rogue agents who violate the rights and trust of their office for their own personal gain and enrichment. Such as 18 USC 3057 requires of court officers.



United States Capitol June 19, 2011 Maryland court reports on the unsigned orders of Judge Gwendolyn L Lipp, U.S. Bankruptcy Court Greenbelt Maryland and the courts efforts to cover up fraud and corruption within that court in violation of title 18 USC 3057. And how reporter petitioned the executive office of the United States trustee General Counsel to investigate these crimes committed by court officers and seek a federal grand jury investigation into the outright corruption judge Wendelin L Lipp and other Bankruptcy Judges in Maryland court’s are furthering against the Constitution in violation of their oath of office.



George Washington and George McDermott Father's Day 2011 W. lawn of the United States Capitol discuss the fourth estate the grand jury process for protecting citizens against Corrupt Government part one of four in the series addressing fraud in our government and we the peoples responsibility to convene grand juries to remove wrongdoers from office, that also means corrupt judges and US trustees. Watch


 June 14, 2012 road trip to Annapolis to file prehearing information report against gangster judge Thomas P Smith in the Maryland court of Special Deals for Gangsters this is the fourth appeal in this case Maryland case PG County Circuit Court CAE 10-07361 fighting M&T BANKS fraudulent foreclosure, further US Supreme Court in noncompliance with FOIA laws based on their own ruling in Schindler Elevator v. Ea Rel Kirk April 16, 2011.



  June 13th 2012 trip to Capitol Hill to petition all members of the Maryland 2012 congressional delegation and senators seeking assistance in arranging a meeting with the deputy director of the FBI and Deputy Director of the United States Justice Department so that Jean Michaud, Sharon, Galloway Doug and Debbie Willard, Charley Azor, Josie and the Malinowski family can file criminal charges against the Banks and court insiders/lawyers who have robbed them of the due process rights at law under color of law and authority. It's NOW time for justice. Watch


. United States Supreme Court visit confirms 90% of documents filed with the court are missing McFayden and The have not filed corporate disclosure statements or notice of appearance as of the docket presented to George McDermott June 13, 2011, for space of three visiting Capitol Hill offices of all Maryland Senators and Congressmen seeking their assistance in setting up a meeting with the deputy director of the FBI and or Justice Department to file criminal complaints against Maryland judges and courts for acting outside the Constitution and promoting fraud on the court. watch


 filing a emergency motion with Chief Justice John Roberts of the United States Supreme Court seeking an injunction against Prince George's County Maryland                   Circuit Court judge, Smith and M&T Bank Corp. and its GANGSTER LAWYERS with Friedman and McFayden predatory law group. Baltimore Maryland for fraud on the court under the false claims act and the court's denial to comply with FOIA requirements. Reaffirmed by the Supreme Court April 16, 2011 Watch


  Fraudulent eviction day June 6, 2011 the story gets more bizarre by the minute, 
ictims are directed to an FBI Annapolis field office that is Nonexistent, Victims of judicial terrorism move valuables out of property to safekeeping storage while it's circle of Angels lawyers pursue justice in a corrupt court system.Channel WUSA 9 NEWS. Shows up to do story on victims plight as Bill and Jean live a day of terror because no governmental agency has jurisdiction over the Foreclosure Fraud and or Judicial Terrorists.


Trip to the FBI headquarters in Baltimore County gates are locked to victims were a 9-to-5 agency don't bother us even though advanced request had been faxed to your office notifying special agent McFeely that the victims desperately needed to file a criminal complaint as all judges were acting in lockstep to violate these victims legal and civil rights under color of law and authority under 18 USC 3057 of the United States criminal code. Watch


Road trip to Baltimore Maryland with victims of foreclosure fraud once again the Maryland Atty. Gen. agents have said that they have no jurisdiction over foreclosure fraud in the state of Maryland, told the victim to go pound sand he should a notified earlier. Visit to DLLR once again foreclosure fraud agency has no jurisdiction over foreclosure fraud were sorry to bother somebody else. Watch


George McDermott with NEWS makes emergency trip to the US House of Representatives and Senate offices to deliver a 21 page emergency request for help to each member of Congress and Senate representing Maryland constituents, asking for their intervention to stop the illegal eviction of Jane Wales Mashhad providing recipients with second forensic audit proving all FORECLOSURE DOCUMENTS FORGED   Emergency Request to Congress   FBI Watch


Leaving the US Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond Virginia after court clerk denies access to a signed judicial orders, refuses to produce digitally required electronic signatures of judges. And refuses to produce any original order even after being shown Maryland Atty. Gen.'s letter stating that Maryland Constitution Article 4 section 1 requires such a document for order to have force and effect by law. Matter will not be taken to the United States Court of Federal Claims in suit to recover money for breach of contract with US Government and its Courts Watch


Road trip to Richmond Virginia May 27-11 to follow-up with may 24th request for the court to produce original digital signatures of all judges who participated in the 3 appeals before that court one of which is now before the US Supreme Court challenging the courts use of unsigned unauthenticated orders. Clerks correspondence infers that the court will not produce the documents required under Federal Law in a case of breach of contract will have to be filed in the court of Federal Claims in Washington DC to stop the corruption in the Appellate Courts of America committing mail fraud on a daily basis Watch


Corruption in Cecil County courts finally unveiled transcript of actual court proceeding were judge gets Highly pissed off about the unauthorized orders with his name on them being placed into the court record. Yet the current states attorney who witnessed and acknowledged the use of these unsigned orders in the transcript did nothing to prevent the miscarriage of justice, and only furthered the fraud on the court by court unknown insiders. Neither the judge for the states attorney sought a criminal investigation is required under law for forgery of the judge's signature. Watch


Victims of Cecil County Bank and the banks inside lawyer William Riddle who conspired to steal all the assets of Thomas Armour and his family through forged documents, false declarations, and outright extortion in contract, yet the Maryland Atty. Gen. Douglas Gensler's office with overwhelming proof of fraud refuses to take criminal complaints from victims, is this the man we want as Maryland's next Governor. Watch


Live from Elkton Maryland victim of his attorney William Riddle explains how the IRS goes after victims instead of the crooks who steal their property acting as enforcers for The American Bar Association's criminals / lying Thieving Lawyers.And their Corporate Clients as well as Auctioneers and Court Insiders. Watch


Road trip to Elton 5/24/11Maryland Cecil County Courthouse to memorialize Cecil Bank'slatest fraud on the citizens auctioning off the Thomas Armour's families. Property using forged documents from insider William Riddle and Cecil bank's foreclosure team. The question is why the FBI, US Justice Department, and the Maryland Atty. Gen. Gensler's office not allow victims to file an official criminal complaints. And seek grand jury investigation into banks practices under 18 USC 3057. Background the bank fraud on this website programs 261, 262, 266, 267, 268, 272, 281 and 287 to name a few.
 Yet the FBI will do nothing to stop this banks criminal activities


Road trip to Washington DC congressional mailing center to correct mail 541 freedom of information request individually addressed to each and every member of the United States House of Representatives and United States Senate. Seeking the constitutional amendment house and Senate Bill numbers that allow. Judges to have judicial immunity for crimes against the Constitution, judges to deny jurisdiction under 18 USC 3057. Amendment allowing courts to issue unsigned orders which they will not authenticate will validate in violation of the Maryland Constitution. Watch


Supreme Court records investigation and review may 20th 2011 cases (10 - 10236 AND 10 - A662) many, many, many, pleadings and attachments missing from the official file jacket and unaccounted for petitioner will seek help from the Solicitor GENERALS offices to investigate this latest incident to trash FILES in noncompliance with code. Watch


Putting the Supreme Court of the United States and all members of the United States House of Congressman and Senators on notice that fraud will not be tolerated in our courts after filing 541 individual FOIA notices on the individual representatives. Asking for the impeachment of five Maryland judges. And compliance with this FOIA request to identify the constitutional amendment, to article III giving judges absolute judicial immunity for crimes against the Constitution and rule of law. And IV, authorizing judicial gangsters to issue unsigned orders, and falsely assert lack of jurisdiction over fraud committed in their presence.     It's judgment day may 21st 2011. Will the Congress act accordingly Watch


May 17, 2011 report on May 16 activities in the United States Bankruptcy Court Greenbelt Maryland case # 11-18-312 where once again judge Paul Mannes made a mockery of justice which resulted in this reporter having to petition all 541 members of the House and Senate individually under the freedom of information act. To find out why federal bankruptcy judges allegedly have no authority to investigate fraud in their proceedings by creditors. In conflict with 18 USC 3057 of the United States criminal code mandating that they do such and in a timely manner.. Watch


Reporter outlines efforts to report Corruption and Fraud on the Court to the proper authorities being the US attorneys office in Greenbelt Maryland which refused to take a complaint or even talk to the victims, and the FBI offices both in Calvertion Maryland and Baltimore's headquarters where agents. Refused victims request to file criminal complaint under false pretenses say that FBI had no authority to accept victims complaint against court insiders and judicial officers under 18 USC 3057 of the US criminal code. Watch


Checking the record of the Maryland court of special appeals and Court of Appeals hours after perfecting appeal to the US Supreme Court. Once again no signed orders in either court, once again the records were not available for inspection.
Complaint to be filed with the Maryland Atty. Gen. citing mail fraud and forgery on part of court insiders under Maryland criminal codes. Also request for amicus briefs in support of latest Supreme Court case challenging the validity of unsigned orders


victim from table interviews victim of Calvert County Maryland foreclosure fraud at her home outlining her fight to save her home and to stave off an illegal eviction by the County Sheriff's Department and court insider Paul monger. Beautiful view no wonder everyone wants this property is helping Paul to steal it. What judge will be rewarded. Watch


April 28, 2011 we filing papers with US Supreme Court in compliance with deficiency notice of March 1 request for the court additionally filing third lodged appendix with over 60 additional unsigned orders received from March 1 through present and also through the audit of the court of special appeals official file jackets. Watch

Part 7

Fraudulent Eviction stopped on Jenes house after her husband being forced to file bankruptcy protection because predatory lawyers and Calvert County judges vowed to ignore any order from any court and move forward with the eviction as they stated to DC attorney. Who's about to slap $20 million lawsuit against the county and its agents if they attempted to evict this woman in any way, part eight to follow Jean sits on patio and discusses the corruption within Calvert counties judicial system she has been fighting. And what a spectacular view. Thanks to all those who helped save Jeans home and cat sanctuary Watch

Part 6

April 27 visit to the US Supreme Court to check the record. In preparation for April 29 filing of the petition for writ of certiorari questioning the courts unauthorized use of unsigned orders violating citizens constitutional rights, under color of law Watch

Part 5

Every order reviewed in court of appeals with the exception of one was on signed and the FBI and Justice Department are now looking into the matter. Part two seven judicial circuit assignment judge refuses to divulge the sham reassignment of judge to Calvert County the video says it all. Watch



Part 4

 April 18, 2011 United States District Court in Greenbelt Maryland after hours and hours of waiting victim of foreclosure fraud is handed unsigned order as clerk of the court locks the doors telling victim judge denied the relief and handing the victim a a sham denial believed to be a forgery as foreclosure victim almost has stroke and nervous breakdown on camera witnessed by US marshals. 18 min. long. Watch

Part 3

7 Judicial Circuit Court judges doing everything they can to deny jurisdiction and allow predatory realtor Paul Monger and his buddies at the Sheriff's Department to illegally evict victim of foreclosure fraud. Even though case is still on appeal in the Maryland from the Maryland Court of special appeals case # 2159 September 2010 term. Even though US District Court case # 8;11-cv-00949-RWT stays foreclosure proceeding, even though active cases in Prince George's County and him and him and Calvert County case # O4C-09-000851 revealed new evidence by forensic audit of rampant foreclosure fraud lender and clear evidence Calvert County judges should have recused themselves from all matters involving Paul Monger predatory realtor for conflicts of interest.
Judge crew ordered outside judge to hear TRO on April 22 pray for Jean and justice.

Part 2

Maryland Courts continue to act in lockstep to victimize pro se litigant throughEconomic Terrorism having victim pay additional court fees and refusing to have emergency hearings as required by law. County state and federal courts all acting in lockstep to help Paul Monger court insider steal millions of dollars while committing bankruptcy fraud as the attachedFORENSIC AUDIT PROVES BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT. No wonder America is going broke the courts are protecting Mafia controlled banks and lawyers instead of adhering to the Constitution and rule of law 18 USC 3057 of the US criminal code is being violated by our Nations broken  Courts Watch


Part one HOW Disabled & THE Elderly in Calvert County Maryland are having their property stolen from them by unscrupulous realtors and COURT INSIDERS using forged Robo signed documents and false pleadings. To facilitate their crimes on the court and the victims typical victims story to be made into a two hour documentary supporting 60 MINUTE INVESTIGATIVE REPORT/stories of April 3, 2011 chronicling how UNSCRUPULOUS, BANKS, CORRUPT LAWYERS, COURT INSIDERS. Use our courts to profiteer off of fraud, deceit, trickery and direct out on our courts and the dishonest JUDGES who promote this type of FRAUD against VICTIMS. Watch


282c News Coverage of the 2011 We The People Family Preservation Congressional Education Panel event at the US House of Representatives. Rayburn office building, March 24, 2011, meant to educate congressional representatives and their staff as to the deficiencies within our Judicial System, and Child Protective Services organizations funded by the Government. Which encourage fraud and abuse over the rule of law, and federal and state constitutions protecting victims rights. Opening statements and acknowledgments for the use of the Gold room within the Rayburn House office building. Watch


George McDermott, addressing concerns within our broken judicial system and the impact of lack of oversight has on the families affected by unchecked fraud, abuse and corruption within the state and federal judicial systems, and CPS systems throughout the nation. Watch

282a News Coverage of the 2011 We The People Family Preservation Congressional Education Panel event at the US House of Representatives. Rayburn office building, March 24, 2011, meant to educate congressional representatives and their staff as to the deficiencies within our Judicial System, and Child Protective Services organizations funded by the Government. Which encourage fraud and abuse over the rule of law, and federal and state constitutions protecting victims rights. Opening statements and acknowledgments for the use of the Gold room within the Rayburn House office building. Watch


Mdcourtwatch. News, and George McDermott, emergency trip to Elton , Maryland, on behalf of Deborah Willard and Douglas Willard, whose property was stolen from them by Cecil Bank and William Riddle bank insider/lawyer. March 25, 2011. Judges order seems to be a sham. Not in conformity with the Maryland Constitution. Sham auction was held inside of courthouse with locked doors. So no other bidders could participate sham in auction. New stipulation only bidders preapproved by Cecil Bank could bid on property where is our FBI and Justice Department. Apparently protecting the Mafia owners of the Bank..Not protecting victims rights. Watch


Request for Congress to explain why the US Supreme Court, and America's appellate courts. Operate above the law by issuing unsigned unverifiable orders. In support of freedom of information request seeking constitutional amendment allowing these courts to act above the law and Constitution



Road trip to Richmond Virginia filing a motion for reconsideration challenging fraudulent unsigned orders of that court to check the record for signed orders, which none exist and court clerks refuse to produce originals or electronic signatures as required by law. The court also refuses to knowledge, the Maryland Constitution as legal authority.



Site visit, Rayburn House office building to late locate Gold conference room for the lead the people family preservation educational conference to be held there this month.



United States Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia, March 16, 2011. Filing a notice and motion for rehearing en banc and contesting the courts use of unsigned orders. Once again, the court insists they are not controlled or do not recognize the Maryland Constitution as the law of the case. Marylanders have no rights under the Constitution and federal courts.
Special invite to family rights rally, March 26 and 27th on the West lawn of the United States Capitol. Details available @<>


March 4, 2011 trip to national archives in Washington DC seeking signed orders and cases referred by Supreme Court. No signed orders exist, in case files as witness attests to in cases. Which Supreme Court clerk said had been transferred not in National Archives records storage Watch


Road trip to the United States Supreme Court's clerks office in March 4, 2011 to check court documents and historic cases regarding citizens rights to a very just proceeding in court. Big surprise no signed orders once again in any of the records including the latest attack or more civil rights a matter of Snyder versus the Westboro Baptist Church. Follow-up of may regarding check of records at the United States national archives will reveal more truth.

Volunteers needed for March 26-27 family rights rally 16 hours over two days of families, education about their rights and liberties.


Follow up to filing a petition in US Supreme Court in front of former Crystal Skate and a request at the United States Supreme Court to review records, which court never has. As a record of past corruption.



Thanks to chief justice Roberts, George McDermott files a timely petition in the United States Supreme Court at 12:47 PM February 28 in testing the use of unsigned unauthenticated fraudulent, unverifiable, court orders, which the Maryland attorney general for the Gen. assembly of Maryland has confirmed that these orders are not in conformity with the Constitution and rule of law. 10 minutes long. The brief, and 300 supporting exhibits will be posted@secretjustice.comwebsite website and website in PDF form. So that legislators can see the damage caused by these unsigned orders.
Application No. 10-A662   Case No. 10-A662   memorandum   petition   appendix


Report from Baltimore Maryland on the Atty. Gen.'s response on February 22, confirming Maryland judge's wife signed orders, and also request Atty. Gen.'s office to produce signed complaints against Jerry Matt's was being framed job I court insiders for political embarrassed using Maryland taxpayers money Watch


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT regarding rescheduling of victims of bank fraud and foreclosure fraud meeting originally scheduled
for February 18, 2011. Due to delicate Valerio was meeting schedule event has been rescheduled till 4:30 PM February 21, 2011. Please advise all other victims of the rescheduling. So they may adjust their schedules


February 8, 2011 Maryland court watch. George McDermott and Sam Brennra attend court with Doug and Debbie Willard to preserve the record. Cecil BANKS’ attorneys and corporate insiders relentlessly pound on the Willard's for 2 hours in court conference room using threats Coercion and undue influence to have the Willard's renounce their rights to contest the lift stay that was in place in the bankruptcy court as their worthless attorney put on nonexistent case that even embarrassed the judge who was shocked that defendant would not be called to the witness stand to make their case; Legal malpractice 101 Watch


February 6, 2011 victim’s round table does follow up with Doug and Debbie Willard victims of a RICO fraud by Cecil bank and its corporate executives involving theft of millions of dollars in property by fraudulent documents involving Cecil County resident Karen Kunda Cecil County bank’s attorneys and settlement officers as well as Cecil bank's corporate insiders fraud 101 making a record. Watch


Secret Justice. The victim’s round table interviews victim of Cecil BANKS REICO fraud's on the homeowners in Cecil County Maryland and farmers who become victims of a very corrupt bank and its corporate officers using the courts to commit fraud, extortion, money laundering, through threats extortion and racketeering activities outlined by defendants. Watch


Road trip to upper Marlboro Maryland two order transcripts in State versus Jerry Mathis frame UP by the Maryland Atty. Gen. and Maryland State senator Anthony Muse alleging campaign violation. Moving onto the United States District Court Greenbelt Maryland filing notice to the court that to Cecil BANK and its directors were committing fraud on the court and the court should ask for a grand jury investigation under 18 USC 3057 of the United States criminal code. Watch


Petitioning the Maryland Gen. assembly house, a Senate to identify constitutional amendment allowing Maryland judges in our out of control of the courts
to act outside of the Constitution, not recording proceedings, holding secret off the record meetings, dispensing injustice contrary to their oath of office, and issuing unsigned orders which are most likely forgeries prepared by law clerks and staff personnel to disenfranchise our citizens of the rights and liberties afforded under the Constitution.


Mark Tomy . Special guest with the victim's Roundtable discusses how money outweighs justice in Maryland courts. Creating huge deficiencies in Eldercare laws, promoting abusive practices by intellectual family members and the court against the wishes and express right. Senior citizens lay out in their wills and guardianship papers. Part one of a two-part series Watch


Filing a friend of the court motion with the United States Bankruptcy Court notifying court of the Fraudulent tactics of Cecil Bank in its Attorneys against Douglas a Willard bankruptcy petition number 10 -- 19272 and James Thomas Armor Bankruptcy petition number 10 -- 16789 where Bank was forcing them into involuntary bankruptcy to steal their property. See related programs 258 through 261. For background. Also seeking assistance from Congressman Steny Hoyer, to help victims of fraud. Watch


Victim of Cecil County bank fraud by its Board of Directors in attorneys outlines in detail how Cecil Banks. Managers, Board of Directors, and insider attorney /X. longtime friend doing in a RICO conspiracy to steal his family farm of 130 years through a series of fraudulent, illegal loan transactions, and the use of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Baltimore Maryland, whose officers appear to support this kind of behavior in violation of 18 USC 3057 of the United States criminal code. Please check out the case files, and if anyone can help these victims. Please do so. Watch


Part #1 Doug Willard's incredible story of Cecil Banks, outlining fraudulent actions of Cecil Bank, its attorneys, and court officers, who looked the other way. As Cecil Bank and its Board of Directors force citizen active citizen into bankruptcy with their predatory fraudulent loan practices, and the courts for some reason, never report banks fraud under 18 USC 3057 as required of their oath of office and job position. Additional programs should be posted Watch


Deborah Willard this victim of Cecil Bank outlines how the bank is using the United States bankruptcy court in Baltimore Maryland to steal people's property and sell the victims into debt bondage under color of law and authority R bank fraud,.Foreclosure fraud, and a RICO conspiracy by Cecil Banks attorneys FBI and Justice Department investigating. Watch


Revisiting Cecil County Maryland as a follow-up to programs. 211 through 214+241 victims of bank fraud. Foreclosure fraud, make a record for the FBI and Justice Department opening statements, also advocate for elder care reform, and a Watch


 Going to Annapolis to petition, members of the Cecil County delegation and the Maryland Senate Judiciary committee to help the victims of bank fraud and foreclosure fraud involving Cecil County Bank and its attorneys follow up to victim stories programs 111 through 114 on this website.



Filing a motion with the Maryland Court of special appeals to strike there illegal orders of December 7. As they are unsigned, unverifiable, and cannot be authenticated. Basically fraud 101 by court clerks, acting as judges. Watch


January 20, 2011 visit to the national archives, Washington DC as directed by the court personnel of the United States Supreme Court alleging records had been transferred. Only one of the seven case files requested is in the possession of the United States archives. Why would the court clerk refused to produce these documents and send me on a wild goose chase. The reason is that courts believe they're above the law and do not have to produce verified authenticated signatures of judges or proceedings. Watch


Leaving the Library of Congress law library were purported cases were transferred by agents within the US Supreme Court. No documents were found with the exception of Richard
Finds petition for writ of certiorari to the Supreme Court, which was denied with an unsigned order. No other documents in any of the seven other cases was available or if the library have record of..
Also stop at MY United States Sen. Rep.Ben Cardin's office seeking assistance with access to records Court refuses to produce.


Visit to the Supreme Court of the United States confirms that courts will not produce documents known to be in their possession. Only one of the eight case files requested were at the court upon inspection. January 19, 2011 four-minute video chronicling visit Watch


Filing a formal request with the clerk of the The United States Supreme Court for inspection of records and public documents which of course they will not produce and allegedly are not required to, as OUR courts are claiming to be exempt from the freedom of information act and the 2000 E. Sign ACT which is of course not true.


Program 251 , putting the Maryland Gen. assembly on notice that the courts are committing fraud on the citizens of Maryland by issuing unsigned orders report from the statehouse and Maryland Court of special appeals. 150 requests under the freedom of information act. 8 minutes long
Cecil County Bank robbing people through foreclosure fraud schemes. Updates to follow


Maryland Court watch and secret Report on the letter bombs sent to Gov. O'Malley's office. January 6, 2011 the AND news of how responders handle a crisis of this type and the media's role in the collection, dissemination and reporting on these types of stories affecting general, public safety.. Watch


January 3-6, 2011 , securing a Maryland media pass for & one year struggle culminating in success press pass issued January 6, 2011. Watch


January 3, 2011 filing a FOIA request with the state election commission regarding access to records and complaints alleging candidate Jerry Mathes violated Maryland's election laws. No evidence found a violation by the candidate or his campaign. It appears Jerry Mathes is the victim of a political frame up. Watch


January 3, 2011 filing FOIA motion in the Md,Court of Special Appeals for the court to produce legislative history of order allowing the court to use unsigned orders to see what peoples property. Also alerting the court that Supreme Court has granted an extension of time to file appellants brief by Justice Roberts. Watch


First report for 2011. Secret Judge Jackson Circuit Court for Prince George's County, Maryland being taken on appeal for denial of due process rights and denial of access to the courts.4 minutes long also filing a FOIA request with the new court clerk regarding sham unsigned orders. Watch


Final report for 2010 , updating information to the Maryland bar Council regarding the criminal misconduct of Kenneth MacFayden ,M&T Bank's Lying Lawyer. Updating the bar Council, that Supreme Court chief Justice Roberts granted an extension of time to file a brief of appellant regarding unsigned orders. Watch


Final report from Prince George's County Maryland were 2011. The land of theSCAM and the home of the FRAUD Where of Judge Dwight D Jackson's order of is being appealed For denial of constitutional right to a jury trial,

and courts covering up of false claims by Discover Bank and its attorneys. Under color of law and authority



Live report from the US Supreme Court December 28, 2010 are on December 29. Chief Justice Roberts granted an extension of time to file petition for certiorari. In the matter of McDermott versus M&T Bank. Court  Application Number 10A662 Re: conspiracy by courts using unsigned orders to steal people's property, to benefit M&T BANKS and BB&T BANKS corrupted legal teams. Lying lawyers and co-conspirators Watch


Report from Prince George's County Circuit Court, Maryland, on how the Maryland Atty. Gen.'s office is being used for partisan politics to wrongfully prosecute as a criminal. Jerry Mathes for allegedly daring to prepare and mail a sample ballot to the citizens of perched George's County, Maryland. In the 2010 election, which was not supportive of the Democratic parties favored candidates, giving the citizens on alternative vote freely for their own candidate. Not recommended by the party machine. Which is the Atty. Gen.'s office is beholding to.Three minutes long. Watch


victim of courts abuse filing a motion for extension of time in the United States Supreme Court seeking relief from Chief Justice Roberts to extend time to file brief, because the parts of the courts in the US Court of Appeals in US District Court refused to provide under the freedom of information act authentication that there shared borders are not a fraud on the court. See previous programs. Three minutes long. Watch


December 10, 2010 record of filings with the United States Court of Appeals regarding.The


Petition for Writ of Mandamus And Petition For Writ Of Prohibition

to put the court on notice that the FBI has been asked to investigate

fraudulent false statements and orders of this court

Re: court’s immunity under FOIA statute Cases # 10-2213 & 10-2127



Road trip to Richmond Virginia, December 10, 2010, to address the Commonwealth's committee on the Judiciary judicial reappointment panel, Advising the panel of the harm done by the Commonwealth's attorneys practice of judge shopping in Fairfax County court system to frame innocent citizens of criminal offenses under color of law and authority. Also commanding the Commonwealth Legislature on the openness and accessibility of citizens to address the committee and judges prior to reappointment Watch


Road trip to Annapolis Maryland December 6, 2010 to file appellant's brief. In case number 307 of the 2010 term against M&T BANK's Gangster lawyers for fraud on the court, and selling my property, while case was statistically closed. With the help of hijacking Judge Thomas P. Smith, Mafia insider which the FBI task force has been made aware of. Watch


Live report from Crownsville Maryland November 30, 2010 memorializing filing of complaints of judicial fraud and misconduct against hijacking. Judge Thomas P. Smith, and official complaint with the Atty. grievance committee against fraudulent acts of Kenneth MacFayden and his associates for committing fraud on the court, submitting fraudulent affidavits, and judge shopping to acquire the services of hijacking judge Thomas P. Smith to fulfill their fraudulent foreclosure proceedings.
Help the FBI corruption task force report, judicial fraud


Live report from Prince George's County Maryland's Mafia controlled courthouse . November
30, 2010, where motion was filed rejecting the court illegal jurisdiction and orders of hijacking. Judge Thomas P. Smiths, Mafia controlled court, denying all relief requested without explanation, taking on the role of prosecutor for plaintiffs, and assessing costs against defendants which this Mafia controlled judge will not identify . Also notified the FBI task force of Judge Smith's relationship to the Sapperstein crime syndicate.
Help the FBI corruption task force report, judicial fraud


Live report from Richmond Virginia, November 19, 2010 updating the public on efforts to have the United States Court of Appeals acts playing at what point in time. The Constitution was amended to allow unsigned orders to have force and effect by law against victims of a corrupted judicial system. Help the FBI corruption task force report, judicial fraud Watch


Maryland Court of Special Deals for Gangsters, filing an opposition to strike defendants request for court to comply with freedom of information request regarding operational documents of the court, and the courts prolific use of unsigned orders to rob the citizens of the state of Maryland, under color of law and authority five minutes long. To protect the corrupt lawyers and predatory lending banks



Update from Prince George's County, Maryland Mafia controlled court, putting court on notice that defendant has filed a criminal complaint with the DOJ and that further illegal actions by hijacking Judge Thomas P. Smith will result in a civil complaint against the Court's Judicial Bond for Fraud, Obstruction of Justice, and Economic Terrorism .


Serving notice on OUR Courts we want compliance with the United States code from the United States District Court Greenbelt Maryland October 15, 2010 filing victim

Freedom of Information Act 5 U.S.C. § 552, As Amended By Public Law No. 104-231, 110 Stat. 3048 In Civil Case # 8:10-cv-1111AW
 courts are in noncompliance with 2ooo E Sign Act and the Digital Signature Act denying justice with unsigned orders to cover-up for BB&T BANKS & M&T's BANKS Lying Thieving LAWYERS.


Victims's live report from Richmond Virginia September 13, 2010 Re: foreclosure fraud & conspiracy scheme by between M&T BANK trustees with BB&T BANK attorneys the Fisher Law Group. Fraud victim travels to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals with a witness to file papers perfecting the two new cases the court assigned defendants based on notice of appeal from Judge Alexander Williams  UNSIGNED orders of United States District Court Greenbelt Maryland. Also filing of Freedom Of Information Request. With the court clerk to produce records regarding secret proceedings and the use of unsigned orders.


Live report from Prince George's County Maryland circuit court September 13, 2010 filing a notice of appeal of Judge Thomas P. Smith's latest 2 sham orders after M&T BANK trustees during a civil conspiracy with BB&T BANK attorneys to have Judge Tom Smith HIJACK case with Judge Mittelstaedt to protect Sapperstein crime syndicates participation in foreclosure fraud scheme, Judge is obviously covering up for the Mafia's attorneys. Five minutes long.


Congressman Elijah Cummings addresses mortgage fraud and the lack of oversight in Maryland courts live from the front of Prince George's County Maryland Courthouse where Judge Thomas P. Smith has hijacked yet another case so he can proceed with his 17 year history of judicial security and fraud against the McDermott's, helping his mafia friends at M&T Bank and BB&T Bank continue their foreclosure fraud scheme in his court. Watch


Victims of foreclosure fraud and court fraud visit with Congressman Elijah Cummings Capitol office seeking help from staffers to identify the House bill or Senate bill numbers authorizing courts of the United States to use unsigned orders that they will not validate legally or authenticate as required under the 2000 E.Sign Act live reports from the halls of Congress, National televised interviews and The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals with special guest Robert Baker Maryland victims rights advocate for foreclosure cover-up by the courts
Thanks to Donald Stone @ for videos on Congressman Cummings interviews.


Excerpts from September 3 candidate forum and debate highlighting George McDermott second-class citizens answers in the debate. Telling the truth the whole truth and the truth to the 400 people in attendance. The Maryland Court of special deals for gangsters routinely robs our citizens of their rights to liberty and property with fictitious fraudulent unsigned orders. Watch


Gangster lawyers for M&T Bank & BB&T Bank move forward with another illegal foreclosure even though NO signed orders exist in the state court, Maryland Court of Special Appeals, Or the United States Court of Appeals. Objections to ratification of fraudulent sale will be mounted vigorously to contest the use of unsigned orders to steal people's property. The details of victims fight chronicled on video. Once again judge Thomas Smith was a key player in the foreclosure process helping members of the Sapperstein crime syndicate once again get rich off stealing victim's property. Watch


Victims of illegal foreclosure fraud/scams involving BB&T Bancorp. M&T Bank Corp. and countrywide mortgage discuss how the attorneys for these gangster organizations use the United States Postal Service in the furtherance of their crimes by sending unsigned orders. False declarations. And now the United States Supreme Court is even covering up these crimes which was reported to the USPS MAIL Fraud Unit August 11, 2010 folks wake up don't let these gangsters steal your life with an unsigned order. Part 1
Part 2


George McDermott and Dick Woelfle talk about Illegal forclosures, unsigned orders, court corruption, U.S. Postal Service investigation and more Watch

223 part 2

part 2 segments video affidavit asking United States postal inspector general's office to investigate the court of special appeals of balance and a United States district courts for Maryland issued an unsigned on authenticated fraudulent orders to disenfranchise our citizens of their legal rights under color of law and authority. Courts are covering up for bank fraud committed by BB&T Bank and M&T Bank using the courts to steal people's property with unsigned foreclosure notices and orders. Watch

223 part1

part 1 segments video affidavit asking United States postal inspector general's office to investigate the court of special appeals of balance and a United States district courts for Maryland issued an unsigned on authenticated fraudulent orders to disenfranchise our citizens of their legal rights under color of law and authority. Courts are covering up for bank fraud committed by BB&T Bank and M&T Bank using the courts to steal people's property with unsigned foreclosure notices and orders. Watch


George McDermott pickets F.B.I. headquarters Washington DC protesting FRAUDULENT UNSIGNED ORDERS On April 23, 2010, the Supreme Court of the United States denied the petition for "stay of execution" (of coercive confinement for civil contempt of court) by attorney Richard I. Fine in the case of Richard Fine v. Leroy Baca, Sheriff of Los Angeles County (09-1250). In doing so, the highest court of the land has refused to rectify a clear-cut case of judicial corruption in the state of California. Also US Justice Department seeking an investigation into court use of UNSIGNED, UNVERIFIABLE. ORDERS. Watch


United States District Court for Greenbelt Maryland joins criminal conspiracy and mail fraud conspiracy scheme by court officers dismissing case with unsigned orders stating lack of jurisdiction over Bank fraud, violations of the truth in lending act by debt collection agencies case # CV-10-01111 A.W.Case now on appeal the United States Court of Appeals Richmond Virginia case 8:10-cv-10-1961 alleging fraud on the part of the court refusing jurisdiction. Watch


George McDermott's oral arguments in the Maryland court of special appeals
April 12, 2010 case number 304 September term 2009 McDermott versus BB&T Bank necessitated because court of the court issued unsigned orders denying appellant's right to oral arguments and record had to be corrected for further ( appeals protecting your right on appeal 101)


Preamble to oral arguments a view from the batch the importance of oral arguments the views of Supreme Court Justice Anthonin Secalla thanks to the
Hoover Institute. Law and Justice series with Justice Anthonin Secalla hopefully Maryland judges will be educated on the importance of preserving litigants rights to oral arguments.


Maryland Court Watch and the Victims Roundtable assist patriot Sharon Galloway with her filing appellant's brief at the Maryland Court of Special Appeals in Annapolis Maryland, Galloway a victim of legal malpractice and judicial corruption fights to preserve her rights afforded under the Constitution to equal protection under the law and equal justice under the law of doctrine which Maryland courts do not support. Additional programs on Galloway chronicling injustice at all stages of proceedings and Court's cover-up. For UNSCRUPULOUS, LYING, THIEVING, LAWYERS. Watch


George McDermott candidate for the United States Congress takes on Predatory Lender M&T BANK and its lawyers. On behalf of the citizens of Prince George's County Maryland. To make Bank comply with the Federal Truth in Lending Laws, and the Fair Debt Credit Protection Act. Which bank is in noncompliance with. Watch
Special George McDermott and Dick Woelfle talk about George's run fun Congress in Maryland's 4th District on BBoomers TV Over 50. part 3 Watch
Special George McDermott and Dick Woelfle talk about George's run fun Congress in Maryland's 4th District on BBoomers TV Over 50. part 2 Watch
Special George McDermott and Dick Woelfle talk about George's run fun Congress in Maryland's 4th District on BBoomers TV Over 50. part 1 Watch


Report from the United States House of Representatives Rayburn House office building regarding the Supreme Court of the United States recent opinion trashing the campaign finance reform laws. Supreme Court ruling will only lead to shaking down of American corporations by incumbents seeking favorable media responses over the will of the people. Diluting every Americans vote in favor of corporate fraud Watch


2010 Trip to Annapolis Maryland to solicit the help of the Maryland General assembly and identifying at what point in time did the Maryland General assembly pass laws contrary to the Constitution granting corrupt rogue judges and attorneys.Absolute judicial privilege and immunity while committing criminal acts in the name of their office against the citizens of the state and victims of judicial discrimination and fraud by the court acting under color of law and authority.Protecting dishonest judges and lawyers. Maryland Attorney General's office has stated that no common law or statute permitting such discriminatory immunity is recorded in the Attorney General's office. Let's see what our state legislative body does when confronted with the same question. Are court insiders really protected by judicial immunity even when they commit crimes against the Constitution and their fellow man. Watch


Candidate George McDermott searches for venue for fundraiser regarding his 2010 Democratic primary campaign for United States Congress from Maryland's 4th Congressional District. Fortunately the very business that was stolen from him for five dollars by the Sapperstein crime syndicate has reopened and holds fundraisers. This is a perfect place to hold my public announcement as a candidate and introduced the media and my supporters/constituents also the courts and judges will see exactly what is candidate has become a advocate for judicial and legal reform. The Temple Hills skate Palace was designed originally by candidates, was personally built by candidates construction company, and personally funded by candidates partners all who were robbed of their legal positions by the courts of Maryland under color of law and authority to cover-up their support of the Sapperstein crime syndicate. What a bargain they received from the court. Five dollars investment neted the mobsters $30 million estimated receivables. Watch


Putting the Maryland judges and officers of the court on notice. That victim has filed a request with the US Justice Department. FBI. Maryland Attorney General's office, and the Maryland General assembly asking for a criminal investigation into the Maryland courts of appeals fraudulent use of unsigned orders, to disenfranchise our citizens of their rights and property under color of law. And the deliberate destruction of court documents by court insiders shielding gangsters and corrupt lawyers. Watch


Filing a Motion for Removal Documenting how Maryland's court of Special Deals for Gangsters. Destroys court documents to cover-up corruption in the court and yes once again Judge Bell. No signed orders were present in the official COSA. Filed jackets as witness and affidavit will attest on January 5, 2010 . Maryland Courts of Appeals, the clerks in the judge's appear to be above the law of common name, the Constitution of Maryland, and the rule of law of Maryla Watch


January 8, 2010 report on how courts refuse to take the certified cashiers checks made payable to court registry and process them properly and how to subvert this corrupt act. By establishing a escrow account to maintain obligations under judicial order of January 6, 2009 compelling payments, court personnel have no respect for the law their only interest is to protect scam lawyers and predatory lenders over the Constitution program minutes long 4 minutes of which are complements of the consumer watch network. On the new Shylock In America are Banking institutions Watch


Response to Chief Judge Bells correspondence in the United States attorney and other government officials that unsigned orders of his and the Courts of Special Appeals have some kind legal force and effect//validity which they do not this eight minute program will attest to a witness that not only are there no signed orders in the court official file jacket backing up these sham orders, but in fact the clerk of the court routinely destroys all the records of pro se litigants to protect court insiders and the lying lawyers of the Maryland bar. The United States attorney's office has been asked to investigate the fraudulent practices of the Maryland court of Special Deals for Gangsters. Which Chief Judge Bell is responsible for the oversight of. Watch


Events at December 10, 2009 making a record against unsigned orders and attending congressional hearings on the Judiciary's modification to judicial recusal rule. Which made it clear judges are to recuse themselves and all cases of judicial bias, prejudice, and conflicts of interest. A standard which Maryland courts do not adhere to. Watch


The importance of preserving a transcript and record for appellate process. The official court recording audio transcript of sham judicial proceeding showing how judges protect dishonest lying lawyers, while promoting treason within their courts and fraud against the average citizen Watch


The 2009 year and report from The Land of the Scam and The Home Fraud Prince George's County Courthouse Upper Marlboro Maryland where chief deputy court clerk admits total confusion as to why jury trial was denied even though the record reflects that was properly ask for and should have been granted. Case file catalog a separate witness hundreds of pages missing.
Sham unsigned orders, could not be verified, Judge overseeing sham judicial proceeding still cannot be verified


Christmas Greeting Message 2009 to all fellow advocates and visitors & # A Merry Christ filled Christmas to all Watch


New advocacy Group forming at Maryland law library
to assist one another in navigating Maryland's legal system, which is prejudiced towards its citizens in favor of protecting insider corporate lawyers


Filing an opposition in Maryland Court of special appeals to frivolous motions filed by. Case # 304Sept term. 2009. And lawyers for case #1968 Sept, 2008, covering up their front on the court.. of course once again case files were not available for viewing. 20 judges of the court were put on notice that clerks office which is operating outside of the Constitution.A criminal investigation has been requested from the Justice Department and FBI to find out why. November as of 30, 2009. Watch


The importance of regularly checking your record on appeal, filing appropriate objections and corrections of the record when necessary. And properly notifying court officers and administrative personnel when you find out that the court official file jacket has been tampered with, pleadings and motions removed and or destroyed, and most important of all filing appropriate request for the court to verify its unsigned orders, under penalty of perjury as not to lose your appeal rights by relying on the court docket and false orders of the court, which are not signed and/or authenticated in conformity with the legislative intent of Maryland's code of laws. The instance cases cited in this video have had literally thousands of pages of previously filed papers removed and or destroyed by court personnel and agents working within the courthouse itself. Additional information available @ saveme101com videotaped outside of the courthouse, Watch


The importance of making and finally in a video affidavit with the courts. When you are dealing with a judicial system that protects court insiders and the wealthy, over the rights and liberties and welfare of the disadvantaged and disenfranchised citizens who are victims. Once they entered the court system in the State Of Maryland. Program chronicles a Talbot County Maryland circuit court case where the courts are suppressing evidence in favor of a unscrupulous landlords who is a frequent flyer in court system, using the courts to shake down former tenants under color of law and authority. Watch


Citizen George McDermott takes his message that Judicial Tyranny and fraud in our Nation's Courts must be addressed by the United States House and Senate judiciary committee responsible for the administration and oversight of our nation's judicial system and the proper enforcement by the courts of all legislatively passed laws protecting our citizens rights and liberties and properties according to the declaration of rights. Live from the Front Steps of the Rayburn House Office building, Washington, DC Watch


Follow-up to November 6, 2009 sham preceding the District Court of Maryland 
Capital One Bank and its corrupt corporate attorneys, shaking down yet another Victim using the Maryland court system as their mob enforcer's. 
Court Desperately trying to dismiss case to cover-up the procedural misconduct, of the clerk's office of that court, and other court personnel. 
Trying desperately to protect yet another predatory lenders, unscrupulous attorney. Who openly commits fraud on the court. Transcript has been ordered and will be placed on this website.


Perfecting a record on appeal. Follow-up to defendants/victims. October 30 
2009 sham hearing against Discover Bank and its corrupt lawyers. Enforcing purported debt instruments, which they admit they no longer have. Yet this gangster credit card company believes they can collect on 30% interest against victims using the Courts of Maryland, as her collection agent. For their predatory loans. Transcript has been ordered and will be placed on this website


Special report, November 6, 2009 from the Maryland Court of Special Appeals 
clear and convincing evidence of deliberate destruction of documents by 
personnel within the court clerk's office. Jeopardizing two cases on review. 
Literally thousands of pages of documents have been removed, altered or destroyed by the court insiders to cover-up . the criminal misconduct of corporate lying, dishonest, corrupt lawyers, promoting fraud on the court and the victims, whose due process rights are trashed. By the fraudulent misconduct of court officers. Thinking they can stand behind some sham absolute judicial immunity.


Defendant/second-class citizen, George McDermott's answer to the Fisher LawGroup and its corporate client. BB&T Bank Corp. That there is no way that the appellants will dismiss their appeal with prejudice. So that the lying lawyers can get away with yet one more fraud on the court and escape being sued in United States District Court for the District of Columbia for violations of the fair debt collection practices act, the truth in lending act, fraud, deceit in contract, malicious prosecution, conspiracy to obstruct justice. And the theft of $30 million worth assets and receivables bank insiders Helped Sapperstein crime syndicate funnel to offshore accounts in the Bahamas. Further evidence of how BB&T Bank covers up corporate fraud involving $180 million Ponzi scheme. Included in this program Watch


The importance of preserving the record for appeal, The appellant's duty to provide the court with the most updated record possible. In preparation of your appellant brief. Don't be bushwhacked by documents and errors in the COURT docket,THAT You have no knowledge of. victim George McDermott demonstrates how to perfect your appeal in the matter of George McDermott versus Branch Banking & Trust Company and their Gangster Lawyers./ BB&T Bank Asserting fraudulent conduct by bank officers Watch


The Victim's Roundtable NEWS breaking story in the United States District Court for Baltimore, Maryland, courageous victim of bankruptcy attorneys and United States trustees fights check out

1:-cv-02463-WDQ REMI GOLDSTONE v.


case and the underlying case from the bankruptcy court to see how this dastardly scheme was devised to destroy


How the bankruptcy Court works to make Lying Lawyers

 Court insiders & their family members, RICH $$$$

While Destroying our Nations Economy follow-up stories and interviews with 


will be forthcoming. ALSO

Incident with US Marshals at Baltimore Courthouse involving First Amendment Rights to Videotape from public space.

 US Marshals on the job protecting our Court Buildings maybe they can protect

victims of the Broken court system also.


194's George McDermott joins 1.6 million plus people. September 12, 2009 in Washington D.C.,

DC to send a loud and clear message to OUR Corrupt Judges,Corrupt Legislators, and the Corrupt Government

THAT THEY AND THE American Bar Association  HAVE CREATED

We the people of These United States,

We are TAKING back. The Republic, and Nation our founding fathers created for us.

One nation under God, with equal justice for all. And equal protection for all. Throw the American Bar Association out of our courts and Government's and return or government to we the people of the United States. "One nation under God" opposing Judicial Tyranny

Come make history in Washington, DC, September 12, 2009 as concerned citizens will converge on Washington, DC to address the outrageous conduct of our Congress and the Courts of this Nation.

Congress and the Courts blatant refusal to follow the laws set forth the colonial Congress of these United States. Which established a Republican form of Government one of the people by the people and for the people. Our current leadership, both in the Congress and the Courts have set themselves above THE RULE OF LAW.

And thanks to the concerned

you Also can be part of history in sending a message throughout the land. Come join us and make history for the betterment of this Nation Demand legal accountability and reform now.



Candidate George McDermott/Defendant's / second class citizen makes it official by filing appropriate papers, August 18 2009 Maryland Election Commission.As an active candidate in the upcoming United States Congressional race of 2010.
Candidate offers thanks, to the judges, attorneys, and Maryland Mafia Leader for making his campaign possible through the egregious misconduct under color of law and authority. 10 minute video memorializes day "one" of the 2010 campaign for the United States Congress.


Congressional candidate designates campaign headquarters for 2010 congressional campaign in Maryland's 4th Congressional District. Property being donated to McDermott for Congress grassroots campaign for a fee of one dollar a month as property cannot be leased or sold due to fraudulent foreclosure proceedings initiated by Branch Banking and Trust Company & M&T Bank Corp's,Corporate lawyers in a criminal conspiracy to steal the property under color of law and authority. See previous programs, details.
Headquarters is a symbol of how Courts help Banks, steal citizens homes in Prince George's County Maryland, ignoring protections under federal statutes such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and the Truth in Lending Act protecting us consumers rights againstUNSCRUPULOUS PREDATORY LENDERS


July 26, 2009 George McDermott and secretjustice the Victims Roundtable joining with Fathers4Justice, Popular4People. And other victims organizations on Capitol Hill to send a message to the Congress of the United States.  That we the people want judicial reform.
THAT WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND Legal accountability for officers of the court, Who are acting under color of law and authority.With other insiders  WHO Routinely steal our children, take our properties, deny our citizens there due process rights at law In their courts.
 While profiteering off of their criminal activities in conflict with their solemn oath of office. And here there prayers for relief psalm ; 25 15 - 22


July 26, 2009 The congregation of Forest Heights Baptist ChurchForest Heights Maryland,Welcomes the youth group from SouthCliff Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas to Washington area for a week of evangelism and outreach within the DC Baptist ministries Mission programs bringing happiness and hope to others Through the word of Christ.
Psalm 1;1-3 + 23th Psalm .  The future is NationIn our youth, and God's teachings.


July 19, 2009, where group representatives from victims rights organizations throughout the nation converged on the

West Lawn of the United States Capitol. 

For three days of speeches and testimony directed to the members of the United States House and Senate to correct the problems with Child Protective Services across the Nation were these various Citizens rights organizations, Put forth a unified call to the courts and the lawyers who benefit from the destruction in good families across this nation who are neglecting the health, legal rights and children's welfare and in many cases.
While these children are in many cases illegally put in their custody C.P.S. insiders by the Black Robed Bandits acting as their court monitor Judicial guardians. Testimonies reveal in many cases, cps Miserably failing to properly oversee the children within their system.
. Part 1 of 2. 
Plus, Emergency request to our President and Eric Holder of the United States Justice Department to FREE Attorney Richard Fine being held in California as a Foreign national Attorney/political prisoner by 400 judges in Los Angeles County exposed for denying public access to the courts to virtually every citizen bringing a claim against the county, violating their oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution of this great nation. .


July 4 2009 announcement by the victim of judicial terrorism that he will be running for a fourth time. For a seat in the United States Congress from

Maryland's 4th Congressional District. 

On a platform of Judicial accountability and legal accountability for officers of the court and the American Bar Association members who control the courts and support subversive activities to undermine our United States Constitutionand to promote legal terrorism on our citizens under color of Law and authority



Live report from the Land of the Scam and the Home the Fraud, Prince George's County Maryland, where a victim of predatory lending & fraud on the court by Discover Bank, agents files his memorandum on appeal. 
And a request that all actions and court proceedings be moved to theUnited States District Court because of prejudice and outright fraud by court officers and agents within the state of Maryland.  Denying victim, a fair judicial proceeding, and his 14th amendment rights to equal protection under the law.


Live interview from the Towson Maryland Courthouse,
where once again, Lady Justice was raped, by J. Edward Martin Chartered. Attorneys. Putting forth, bogus sham arguments for a unwarranted summary judgment. 40 minutes of courts audio transcript. You do not want to miss, combined with live footage. Galloway's attorney says it like it is to judge Cox. "
This case is a disgrace of the legal system is a black eye on the profession. Everyone I talk to says much of the same, it's disgusting, it's despicable, it's incumbent on the court to say if this lady wants her day in court that she should get it.
Galloway is suing for legal malpractice. But of course the courts must protect its income base. Despicable, disgusting. Dishonest lying lawyers such as J.Edward Martin Chartered, Esq. no matter how many victims this firm destroys.


May 14, 2009 update from the land of the scam for George's County Circuit Court, chronicling the filing a motion papers in pleadings. Also, the Discovery that May 13 filings could not be found by a court officers, CAE-08-29-123 for persons wishing to check record online. Notification that court orders of April 17 were once again sent to the wrong address of defendants and returned by postal authorities. Additionally required hearing notices were also sent to the wrong address for defendants which were also returned by postal authorities. 
And an astonishing revelation, court clerks office after diligent search cannot find the courts original signed order of April 17, 09 
also hand-delivered copies of missing pleadings to Judge Dawson's chambers. In preparation for hearing May 18 at 9 a.m. additional updates on sham proceeding in District Court and notification to court that the United States Justice Department has been requested to investigate court clerk's office under 18 USC - 503 under Federal civil rights violation.


May 13, 2009 update from circuit court for Prince George's County Maryland filing motions to have the court clarify, alter and amend its judgment of April 17, 2009. Still not entered onto the docket. And to preserve the record for appeal, notifying the court that the civil docket of this case will indicates that the court is still sending required notices of hearings and judicial orders to the wrong address. To confuse unskilled pro se litigants and help Gangster lying thieving lawyers steal their property. 
Additional information available at the site programs 172 176 through 181 Chronicle court illegal activities against defendants.


Secretjustice NEWS reports from Annapolis Maryland, May 13, 2009 correcting the record on appeal. McDermott v. Fisher Law Group / BB&T Bank's sham foreclosure proceedings using mail fraud, lack of service,a mock hearing to induce Judge Harmon Dawson to rubberstamp their foreclosure proceedings. Based on fraudulent statements before the court.Court of Special Appeals # 304 September from 2009 term. 
Audio transcript of secret proceeding at program 172,


Update from the land of the scam, May 8 2008 live update from Upper Marlboro Maryland defendant paying taxes with no LEGAL representation, no LEGAL rights no liberties, and no justice UNDER THE LAW as is his right.

Part [2], The miracle at Forestville Shopping Center Where Congressman Steny Hoyer, Praised the efforts of first responders in preventing massive loss of life, And their communities grateful appreciation.


Updates from the Land of the Scam and the of the Fraud in Maryland judicial system
April 29, 2009 program, highlighting how the Court of special deals for gangsters.  Uses unsigned orders to try to dismiss is many cases as possible, under color of law and authority.  When that does not work. " They rely on mail fraud." To defeat justice and help gangster lawyers get their clients off scot free.  Your only hope is to put this on videotape, and expose corruption in progress to your fellow man.  The courts of Maryland do not and will not allow any pros se. Litigants.  Their day in court, no matter what the reason.


Title update from the land of the scam in the home of the fraud.  April 30, 2009 news from the circuit court for Prince George's County Maryland showing how deceit and trickery are being used by the court to send official court notices to the wrong address purposely.  To help gangster lawyers steal victims property follow-up to the February 6 sham hearing.

Part two visit to the Court of special appeals/deals for gangsters.  To file motions in response to April 17 notice from the court.  That was not only not But the order was not in the case file at all, much less any signed order.  On top of this 90% of the contents of the court case official case file has been taken out of the record for some unknown reason.  Once again constituting mail fraud by the court officers, acting under color of law. Interview with latest victim of the Maryland judicial systems, a Mr. Mark Tomby.  You won't believe what the court is done to him and his family under color of law authority.


Road trip to Talbot County Maryland to deliver affidavit to the court.
 March 21, 2009 in support of pro se litigants defenses against court order of February 17, 2009 where court was asked to clarify or amend its judgment based on the frauds committed by plaintiffs, who are frequent fliers in court.


Judge Dawson's foreclosure machine.  Chronicling how Prince George's County in Maryland circuit court judge Harmon Dawson.  Works closely with branch banking and trust Company and its agents to Fisher Law group.  Lawyers for predatory lenders to steal citizens homes, under color of law and authority. 1.  By knowingly e-mailing court notices to wrong address.  By holding sham hearings, where defendants are present.  By manipulating the court docket entries and keeping the official court docket hidden from defendants.  To cover a sham proceedings.  Eyewitness testimony regarding courts, fraudulent statement about mailing of court notices.  And finally how the court uses.  ECONOMIC TERRORISM TO STEEL DEFENDANTS PROPERTIES.  A fourth amendment violation of unlawful seizure of properties.the reasons why case was taken on appeal, April 24, 2009. Watch


The reason why 1100 families within George's County Maryland men in many of whom  Are victims of foreclosur fraud.  It is demonstrated by the court proceedings of Judge Herman Dawson, April 7, 2009.  The Court allows dishonest lying lawyers for BB&T Bank and other predatory lenders.  The right to foreclose on victims properties even though the record clearly shows no default exists, and previous notices to defendants were sent to make an address, not defendants address of record. Fisher law group should be put out of business every case that they brought before a judge Dawson in the last two years, should be investigated by the FBI and Justice Department for direct fraud on the court and conspiracy to violate the civil rights and due process rights of County citizens.WOW, you won't believe the arrogance of these attorneys. Related programs on this website
programs 164, 165, 166, 168, 172, 175, 176, chronicled the BB&T Bank's fraud on the court.


April 8, 2009 Re: citizens rally in front of the County executive building.  Prince George's County Maryland Upper Marlboro Md.
when George McDermott of was allowed to speak regarding the corruption within the county government and court system,

18 minute long video showing just how fraudulent the court system is within our county as evidenced by experts from the actual court transcript of April 7, 2009 or court is acting hand in hand with predatory lenders attorneys to steal the home and property of pro se defendant.  Even though transcript clearly shows no default exists.  And the court's actions of February 6, 2009 to be a fraud.

Special notice the complete audio transcript will be put up later in the week with video enhancements to show exactly how the court assisting lying lawyers in the theft of thousands upon thousands of properties and Trish George's County.  Each year.  Under color of law and authority.


Segment [1] Justice denied 18 year victim of legal malpractice in fraud.  Jury trial was to have begun April 6, 2009.  The dark forces of injustice were present at the Towson Md.Courthouse.  And once again victim was rocked by the court.

Segment [2] April 6, 2009 visit to the Maryland Comptroller's office regarding filing a criminal complaint to have the corporate charters of Branch Banking and Trust Company & the Fisher Law Group LLC.  And the Fisher Law Firm revoked for direct fraud on the court and operating a criminal enterprise.  To steal homes and businesses under false pretenses and contracts.

Segment [3] visit to the Maryland Attorney General's office, which should be shut down and put out of business for violating his oath of office to protect the people against corporate fraud .

Segment [4] stop at Maryland Court of special appeals to file motion requesting verification of procedures under the administrative procedure act, discovered 99% of case files missing from official court file jacket.  No signed orders denying relief anywhere to be found.
Segment [5].  Stop at Court administration headquarters in Annapolis, where security staff would not forward requests to see administrative personnel.  To proper party, saying that all requests to the agency had to go through Leslie Gurdet.  Court of Special Appeals

Segment [6] VISIT state treasury building, trying to get information on whether courts are compelled to operate under the administrative procedures act as other government agencies are.

Segment [7] VISIT to state Senator Exum’s office as a member of the state finance committee and also Anthony Muse.  State Senator on the Judiciary panel to get information not available from the Comptroller's office, the Court of Special Appeals, the Court Administration and Finance Department.  And toward the state treasurer's office.  With wrap up at Queen Ann of days events, trying to get justice in the LAND OF THE SCAM AND HOME OF  THE FRAUD.


Road trip to Annapolis Maryland, April 2, 2009
AND EMERGENCY plea to have ALL victims of legal malpractice or judicial abuse show up at the Towson Maryland Circuit Courthouse April 6, 2009 to support a victim of legal malpractice, whose trial is in jeopardy after waiting 18 years to have her day in court.  Additional information available at this site programs 152 and 153.  Live interview.


lender fraud seminar location 6371 Oxon Hill Road, Forest Heights, MD 20745.  If you're a victim of foreclosure fraud, predatory lending fraud, or have had your rights stripped from you by our broken judicial system.  You must attend this seminar. Watch


“ WOW ”
Catching lying thieving lawyer for BB&T bank Corp. knowingly committing perjury and openly lying to judge Leon Dawson a unrequested secret judicial proceeding. February 6, 2009. Where Gangster attorney for Fisher Law Group, openly on the courts audio transcript blatantly makes false statements & KNOWINGLY LIES and puts fabricated false evidence on the court record which totally disproven by the court public docket as of March 24, 2009. In order to through trickery and deceit illegally obtained court's permission to begin foreclosure proceedings and have legally enjoined sense.  January 6th 2009 and illegal release of stay . This is a prime example of a fraud on the court, conspiracy to commit criminal acts in the presence of the court. Obstruction of justice, violation of numerous federal and state statutes protecting consumer rights and liberties. Of course, no notices were sent to the defendants by the court or the plaintiffs, alerting them of this illegal preceding. Folks, you will love this.

Remember, a foreclosure seminar and predatory lending seminar is to be held at Forest Heights Baptist Church of oxen Hill Road at exit 3 of the capital Beltway visit. For further details. Seminar will be held on June 23, 2009 sponsored by <> news, acorn, and other activist groups


March 19, 2008 announcement putting courts and public on notice that upon George Mc Dermott. Will be filing a demand of proof with the Court of Special Appeals. In accordance with the administrative procedures act.  As a court of record and accountability.
Re: Courts, March 18, 2009 fraudulent unsigned order denying relief.
Putting the court on notice that unless the following documents and proofs proper case administration are produced of talent will be filing a civil breach of contract action against the State of Maryland and its judicial agents for fraud and breach of contract.  Negligent oversight by judicial officers.  Conspiracy to obstruct justice by its judicial officers.
An economic deprivation of rights under the law. Also update from District Court regarding secret in of documents in a matter of Discover Bank V. McDermott's. We're Discover Bank's agents are committing fraud on the court


March 10 2009 road trip to Maryland Courts of SECRECY to file a motion for extension of time in the Court of Special Appeals.  Documenting for the record out of court, agents disassemble and secret away portions of the courts official file jacket to keep them out of public view.  Denying pro se litigants faithful fair and honest review, which they have paid for and are entitled to under Maryland contract law.
All of George picked over its appeals of being monkeyed with and disassembled by insiders within the court system to protect corrupt lying lawyers and their clients.


March 2, 2009 road trip to the Maryland's Gangster controlled courts.  First stop, Prince George's County District Court to file a motion and PRAECIPE, with the court requesting a hearing be set for March 13 Re: plaintiff/Discover Bank's fraud on the court.  In open court on the record. Defendant found out, March 13.  That court agents failed to put lotion on record, and in fact ordered motion to be hidden.  Updated verification available in program 171. " Justice delayed is justice denied" Watch



Announcement of a predatory lending/foreclosure seminar being given by The Victims Roundtable, preached George's County Maryland chapter of acorn & Forest Heights Baptist Church of Oxen Hill Maryland
Free seminar and workshop addressing victims rights and remedies at law. When they fall victim to predatory lenders, and at the out-of-control illegal foreclosure proceedings. Promoted by the Maryland court system.

Sponsors will be inviting guest speakers from the Maryland legislature, the United States Congress, the Department of Commerce, and the Department of treasury. To explain to the attendees their rights and liberties afforded under title 15 of the United States code, regarding the fair debt collection practices act and the truth in lending statutes outlined under title 12 of the United States code.

A prime example of predatory lending at its best, was exposed by the Baltimore Sun newspaper in a five-part series highlighting the escapades of a Maryland debt collection agency operating as MAN BRACKEN LLC. And how the courts rubberstamp their fraud on the consumer,

Even though MAN BRACKEN LLC as reported by the sun has over 200 federal lawsuits naming them in fraudulent illegal debt collection practices,

Not to mention a purported 30 additional class action lawsuits asserting a high-pressure deceptive collection activities and filing of lawsuits after the statute of limitations has expired. Most of these cases are spending, not counting the out-of-court numerous other cases were settled confidentially

Additional information available three part series by lying their day in court written by Fred Shulte and James Drew posted February 16, 2009


What the circuit court for Charles County Maryland and defendant's attorneys do not want the Court of Special Appeals Judges,the Media,the defrauded condo owners or a any Jury to see.

The actual audio transcripts of January second 2007 evidencing the perjured testimony Used to secure a fraudulently obtained and issued piece order against George McDermott and video record disproving the false testimony of Samuel Purll agent for District builders LLC.

The outrageous efforts of the Circuit Court's judges to preclude this evidence of the Charles County District Court hearing January 2, 2007 from the Maryland Court of Special Appeals Judges record must fail. The fraudulent use of rules of preclusion do not and must not include allowing.Attorneys a sorting and use of preclusion rule's to cover UP and further crimes against another Court.otherwise committing perjury would be condoned by every court in this nation and should not be prosecuted, something we cannot allow to happen. Especially with lying lawyers.



Insight into how the Maryland's unsupervised foreclosure proceedings and auctions are held . We're victims of banking fraud and predatory lenders are routinely robbed of their property under color of law and authority by sham unsupervised, unrecorded, undocumented public auctions. Held at numerous locations to confuse victims and their witnesses. Their rights to attend such proceedings without deception. Video will attest that witnesses and other parties were not aware of this deception. Watch



January 7, 2009 report from the land of the scam in the home of the Fraud. Prince George's County, Maryland court complex fighting foreclosure, and how the court assist foreclosure experts in their use of economic terrorism. When initiating and proceeding with foreclosure proceedings through third-party law firms, who purportedly are not subject to title 12 of the United States Constitution and the truth in lending statutes contained therein. Or title 15, commerce regulations regarding fair debt collection practices act compliance. Courts routinely rubberstamp violations of these codes to assist unscrupulous lawyers in the theft of your property Watch


Fending off illegal foreclosure. The history of how Branch Banking & Trust Company/BB&T bank and its agents. Use the court system and their hired collection thugs to illegally foreclose on petitioner's property. Under color of law and authority. Yet, BB&T Bank and the Fisher Law Group. Still will not furnish any required documents under the fair debt collection practices act and the truth in lending act. Controlling these proceedings.
Part one of an ongoing series of how gangster lawyers work in consort with banks and the courts to steal properties through sham foreclosures. One victim's story for the benefit of the North Carolina banking commission asked to investigate this case.


Notice to the judges of the Maryland Court of Special Appeals.
The enclosed video is to show the judges of the court. The real circumstances behind my separation with District builders. The appellees before this Court. The slanderous falsehoods asserted to the Charles County District Court Judge January 2, 2007 are refuted by the actual evidence shown on the videos. I beg to court to look for into the record and they will find out that I have an absolute right to quit a job which put my life in safety, as well as the life in safety of the employees working under me at risk. From lead based paint contamination, asbestos contamination, social contamination, and numerous building code violations taking place at 738 . Longfellow St, . Northwest, Washington, DC. Where are my previous employers wanted me to falsify job reports, ignore safety protocols, and assist them in covering up numerous fire and building code violations taking place at the job site.
The record is clear. I have every right to quit their employment, and they had no right to slander my name. View the video and see for yourself.. Judge Lou Hennessy has the final job report video. In his possession in Charles County circuit court records.


2008 year in review report 

on deteriorating conditions within the court system, depriving 99% of all processing legions of their legal right to equal protection and equal justice under the law in our courts. 
1. Update from the Maryland Court of special appeals, December 30, 2008. Unsigned orders rob you of your rights
2. Update from Charles County Circuit Court. You can't win in this court without a lawyer

3. Update from Towson Maryland shared Galloway gets robbed by prejudiced judicial panel.

4. Cecil County Maryland courts protecting corporate bankers and thieving corrupt lawyers

5. United States Senate, tainted by reelection of Senator Saxby Chambliss. 
The story ELENA SASSOWER. 2008 HOW 
Chief Justice Roberts 
& the United States Supreme Court conspired to cover up the crimes of this United States Senate Judiciary Committee Members.



Putting the appellate court on notice that the December 22, 2008. Correspondence to Leslie Gradet chief deputy clerk from District builders LLC is counsel Glenn C. Etelson will be answered by furnishing the court with responsive motion to correct the record. With the motion filed in the circuit court December 19 2008. Program describes how the unethical unprincipled attorneys district builders LLC, Discover Bank Corp., and BB&T mortgage are routinely committing fraud on the court. By ignoring established court rules, engaging in ex parte communications, placing frivolous and fraudulent documents before the court disproved by the record. Generally corrupt attorneys. Working to subvert the system. With no regard for the court rules, their limitations, and victims constitutional rights. Merry Christmas to all. Even the gangster lawyers Watch




40 minutes of joyful music of the Forest Heights Baptist Church choir, celebrating the reason for the season. Merry Christmas to all and even the judges responsible for May the Lord forgive you if for betraying the trust that you swore him a Bible to uphold and defend the constitutional rights and liberties of our citizen's pay each person receiving this message have all the blessings of what Jesus Christ has placed on them and their families in this holiday season. Watch




Direct questions of the Maryland Court of Appeals and its judges, regarding the use unsigned on authenticated orders to rob the citizens of Maryland on the rights and liberties and properties under color of law. Program consists of challenging the authenticity of unsigned orders in the matter of McDermott versus Purll and District builders as the court in Charles County will not stop release. The audio transcripts with the video evidence put forth a pal and has chosen to make the import statements of Sam of appellees available to the general public that they may become the jury of my peers requested for in the first place. Program shows the actual statements by appellee and the refuting truth put forth on videotape by appellant. Once again we're dealing with a judicial system that has no respect for the truth, justice, liberty. Or the individual judges, duties and responsibilities under the constitution of the state Maryland, as well as the United States Constitution. Watch



The sounds of Christmas, a Christmas message to all viewers wishing them a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year, half-hour long Celtic Christmas program from news and forced Wright's Baptist Church, celebrating the season. A Merry Christmas to all and May 2009 be the year of judicial reform and accountability in our nation. Watch



Fisher121208. Perfecting the record for appeal when fighting a foreclosure. What a pro se litigate has to go through when they are up against corporate America's legal system protecting banks over the Constitution. And professional debt collection services and their attorneys, who believe they are above the law, and the rules of court do not apply to them. Watch



BB&T Bank Company and its agents. Failure to comply with federal truth in lending statutes, and also fair debt collection practices act. Instead opting to use the hammer of the courts to try to steal your property. A victim's story of how hard it is to get a temporary restraining order against a corporate banking institutions, whose lawyers can lie all they want. And think they can get away with it. Watch



Road trip to Annapolis Maryland. Court of Special Appeals building December 4, 2008 for filing a motion to correct the record and a motion seeking the judge's compliance and furnishing a copy of the judge's handwriting for forensic analysis. Because of the Court's latest SHAM order appears to be a computer-generated SHAM reproduction.Review of case files affirmed that NO sign of regional order was in the case file. Upon reviewing it December 4, also NO original signed order in the BB&T case .2551 to 2007 term. Necessitating verification of judicial signatures. Watch




Reporting from Brooklyn New York, November 17 2008 Re: Dr. Elizabeth Pawlak's intervention on the behalf of the millions of class action claimants about to be shafted by class attorney looking out for herself and three individual claimants, regarding a class action RICO lawsuit settlement against PayPal and its agents. Additional information, available  



Remake of the Elena Sassower false imprisonment, by Senator Saxby Chambliss of Georgia. To let the citizens of Georgia
know the exact character of Saxby Chambliss, and the crimes he committed as their senator in the United States Senate. False statements, conspiracy to violate the civil rights of activist, obstruction of justice.
And falsification of police reports. Are but a few of the crimes committed by the Senator in the false arrest of Elena Sassower, additional information available at the Center for judicial accountability White Plains New York.@judge also earlier programs available on this website.



Sharron Galloway interview, November 19, 2008 after obtaining a piece order against a cyber stalker. Responsible for having You Tubes secretjustice news taken off You Tubes site as well as all of Sharron Galloway's You Tub programs . Interview talks about out-of-court statements and actions that necessitate request for peace orders to protect victims from being harmed. Examples of fraudulent piece order encoded into the program and actions citizens have to take challenge fraudulently obtained peace orders. Clean their records. Watch



Live reports from Prince George's County Courthouse, November 21, 2008 on how to file pleadings in the circuit and district court after hours and have the documents date stamped,
Motion challenging the fraudulent orders the court's chief judge, who refuses to recuse himself. After 14 years of judicial tyranny.



Saperstein trial in Towson Maryland, where lawyers beat victims and clog up the dockets of the courts, denying access to the courts by legitimate petitioners. See other Saperstein crime syndicate references on this website programs 140 and 142 Watch


Defendants responds to yet another order denying a jury trial under color of law and authority in gangster controlled courts in Prince George's County Maryland ablaze with corruption  



a follow-up to program 147 setting a bass line for a series on how to effectively use trickery and deceit and fraud to deceive the courts and judges to granting unwarranted unjustified totally sham bogus and fraudulent judgment orders against your opponent under color of law and authority and in violation of the Constitution and statutes which courts are purported to operate under. Watch


live broadcast from the La Plata Maryland Courthouse October 6, 2008 chronicling the bushwhacking of justice in courtroom D. program deals with deceit fraud and trickery by court officers acting under color of law and authority to preclude victim from having his day in court and due process of law. Such trickery and deceit has never been seen before in other courts within Maryland. Watch



open letter to Maryland's new FBI director Amy Jo Lyons seeking help and a criminal investigation into the actions of the court and its officers and concealment of bankruptcy fraud under 18 USC 3057 and the courts knowing conspiracy violate the civil rights of litigants by officers of the court. To make their victims a slave of the Saperstein crime syndicate by refusing release his victims property and to perform their statutory duties required under 18 USC 3057 of the United States criminal code. Case history is available @Maryland judicial case In The Maryland Court of Special Appeals case # 2551 September term 2007 related Circuit Court cases in Prince George's County Maryland, # CAL 95 00940 + # CAL 95 26059 +# CAL 95 13288 + # CAL 9708 728 all cases emanate from the first bankruptcy fraud perpetrated by Saperstein crime syndicate members promoting judicial tyranny and fraud at its best. Every jury verdict overturned by Gangster insider Judges. Watch



Response to chief Judge Murphy's ridiculous opinion of August 8, 2008 from the steps of the Prince George's County Maryland's land records which conclusively prove 14 years plus after the Gilbert Sapperstein crime syndicate and named court insiders fraudulently stole his business for purportedly $ 5 dollars. While the victims victim still have $900,000 in illegal money judgments against his home and investment property securing Stolen business assets. Because of this sham transaction and fraud on the court THAT Judge Murphy fails to address. Case history available at @Maryland judicial case Maryland Court of special appeals cases 1222 September term 2007 + case 1961 September term 2001 + case 106 September term 2004 + case 1239 September term 2006. A truly horrific history of judicial tyranny at its best Watch



A reading of the declaration of independence on video by some of America's most prominent movie stars updated to 2008 address the judicial misconduct / FRAUD our courts are applying to diminish the integrity and meaning of the Document and Bill of Rights securing it Watch



Live broadcast from Charles County Maryland circuit court August 29, 2008. Update on actions were once again judicial officers are forcing parties to proceedings before the court. To proceed without any legal discovery even though opposing counsel compelled by another judge's court order July 11 2008. An even more disturbing chief judge of court has secreted away all audio and video transcripts of underlying case. And old video records submitted to the District Court has an affirmative defense. Pro se litigants are not entitled to legal discovery when they're up against high dollar GANGSTER lawyers manipulating the system. Civil case 08-C-08-000057-OC is available online @Maryland judicial case See how the court manipulates the docket involving pro se litigants Watch



Explanation as to why George McDermott was forced to file in the District Court of Maryland a petition for a protective order/peace order against former chief judge Joseph F. Murphy of the Maryland Court of special 
civil case number:0701SP033162008
appeals now a judge of the Maryland court of appeals.
The record will reflect that this judge has an 11 year history of judicial abuse of power denying each and every motion put before the court with an unsigned one authenticated rubberstamped order, while at the same time protecting the members of the Saperstein crime syndicate and their criminal agents which can be 
this Mafia led organization controls the normal judicial system for the benefit of themselves and their thieving lawyers operating under color of law and authority. Being protected by Justice Murphy and other appellate judges promoting treason over the Constitution
petitioner's order was denied relief from the magistrate.
Because as the order states
petitioner is not a person eligible for relief. The complaint is posted on news for those who wish to judge for themselves. Four minutes long



Update from Cecil County Maryland victims of judicial fraud, attorney fraud, and bank fraud update their cases which are highlighted on programs 109 through 114 also posted at secretjustice NEWS @ YOU TUBE upcoming supplements to include additional homeless people losing their lives in Cecil County Maryland as County social services forces privately funded homeless shelters to close down as they wrongfully prosecuted homeless local homeless advocate Watch



Filing a motion for reconsideration and the Maryland Court of Special Appeals March 21st 2008 & supporting same motion with a video affidavit under the best evidence rule, Of Maryland rule 5 – 902 as these in-close transcripts are self authenticating under Md.Rule Rule 5 – 1003 & admissible as of duplicates. Md. Rule 5 – 1004 admissibility of other relevant evidence . Md. Rule 5 – 1005 As they are easily verifiable and taken from the original public record. 
Video affidavit contains five subparts Part [1]. From zero to 2 minutes introduction to victims rights. Part [2] From 2 - 6;30 second video affidavit supplied to the court in support of relief. Part [3] From 6:31 - 10:00. Filing opposition to motion to dismiss. Part [4] 10:00 - March 19 visit to the clerk’s office discovering that the Court clerk's office had trashed case file and that no signed judges order. Or locatable within the case file. Part[5] 12:31 - 45.00 minutes enhanced transcript showing sham trial and wrongful persecution of defendant George McDermott in November 1995 and which now Chief Judge Krauser’s wife Sherry L. Krauser witnessed fraud on the Court by Sapperstein crime syndicate members and their counsel yet did nothing to Saperstein crime syndicate lying lawyers. Prompting 14 additional years of illegal wrongful persecution of the McDermott family. Part [6] Finally from 45 minutes through 52 minutes end of video affidavit. Which clearly shows ongoing judicial conspiracy by between Circuit Court judges William D. Missouri & Thomas Smith overseeing brother-in-law's trial to deny the McDermott’s access to the courts and the jury. Verdict was later overturned by Judge Tom Smith in favor of his brother-in-law the defendant. Making this the the third jury verdict a row mollified by this Gangster judge in favor of the Saperstein crime syndicate 
please insert the following announcement into program 137
History has been many United States Court of Appeals finds against The Coffee Beanery Franchise
. And its agents for franchise fraud, and for the victim that Deborah Williams of Annapolis Maryland who fought the courageous fight against corporate fraud and its gangster lawyers, her stories can be seen at secretjustice news all on YOU TUBE. 
Jake is there any way we can capture the video off of you tube as I don't see this program on



Breaking news August 16th 2008 coverage of the DC Festival at March Re: parental rights, victims rights, held at the Senate Park adjacent to the United States Senate in Washington, DC victims and their families come together to send a message to the Congress of the United States, that they are sick and tired of losing their families and loved ones because of judicial fraud and abuse within the court's. Which have become nothing more than a human trafficking of children by corporate human service corporations for the benefit of lying lawyers who once again steal from the poor and indefensible to give to the wealthy. With no regard to the Constitution.  Investigate for yourself the stories are now public the records are in the courts custody you be the judge of whether America is judicial system is trafficking in human misery under color of law to make lawyers rich. Watch


138 Abigail’s Annapolis adventure Trip to the Maryland Court of special appeals with grandfather video chronicles how the Court destroys and secrets away
Court documents from the public docket of the Court of special appeals to prevent media and other civil libertarians from gaining access to court files that show the abuse of pro se litigants. Due process rights at law in Maryland’s corporate courts protecting corporate Gangsters and corporate attorneys who commit fraud on the court all on a routine basis while undermining the stature and 
integrity of our Nations Constitution and rule of law. Tour the Annapolis Statehouse with Abby from the days of Washington, and a liberty and justice for all. To present day the land of the scam and home of the fraud

Filing a motion for reconsideration and the Maryland Court of Special Appeals March 21st 2008 and supporting same motion with a video affidavit under the best evidence rule, and Maryland rule 5 – 902 as these in-close transcripts our self authenticating under Md. Rule 5 – 1003 as admissibility as of duplicates. Md. Rule 5 – 1004 admissibility of other evidence of contacts. Md. Rule 5 – 1005 and they are taken from the original public record.

Video affidavit contains five subparts1.  From zero to  minutes introduction to victims rights.  From 2 - 6;30 second video affidavit supplied to the court in support of relief.  From 6:31 - 10:00. Filing opposition to motion to dismiss. 10:00   - March 19 visit to the clerk’s office discovering trash court file and no signed judges order. 12:31 - 45.00 minutes uncut transcript showing trial and persecution of George McDermott in November 1995 and which Chief Judge Krauser’s wife Sherry L. Krauser witnessed fraud on the court and did nothing to Saperstein crime syndicate lying lawyers.  Prompting 14 additional years of illegal persecution of the McDermott family.  Finally from 45 minutes through 52 minutes end of video affidavit.  Which clearly shows ongoing conspiracy by between Circuit Court judges to deny the McDermott’s the justice the jury had awarded. Verdict was overturned by Judge Smith mother-in-law of the defendants and action making this the the third jury verdict a row mollified by same judge
136 March 5, 2008 visit to the Maryland Senate office building to meet with local Senator requesting a meeting with the chairman or co-chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee which has been denied for 14 years while gangsters destroyed our courts Prince George’s County Senator Anthony Muse also present in the Judiciary chambers where Prince George’s County State’s Attorney was giving testimony regarding modification of new laws regarding gun ownership in State Maryland.  Why do we have new laws when the state prosecutor and attorneys mostly ignore the laws on the books when it comes to white collar criminals and their victims  
 135 March 5, 2008 road trip to pay property taxes to gangster government in Prince George’s County Maryland the land of the scam and  the home of a fraud were victims of white collar crime are prohibited from filing criminal charges against white collar criminals and their attorneys.  Pay your taxes in Prince George’s County Maryland so state prosecutors and court officers get paid for not doing their job.  
134 Journey back to Annapolis Court of Special Appeals to file the appellants motion in opposition to dismiss McDermott vs. BB&T Bankcorp’s frivolous motion in case number 2561 2007 term based on false statements to the court and Ex-Partay communications with court insiders helping corporate Warriors defeat justice and squash pro se litigants. Watch
133 Update from Cecil County Maryland where local citizens hold a vigil for homeless people who have taken their lives because County officials forced privately funded homeless shelter to close, reneging on their contract to allow local homeless advocate permission to build a shelter with her own funds on her own property County has now begun a evil and sinister toned campaign to destroy Carla Reeves financially and emotionally, by having County’s attorneys wrongfully prosecuted this citizen for trumped up zoning violation & providing shelter in an agricultural area for citizens not animals which is allowed by current zoning laws. As County lying lawyers help other lawyers rob local citizens of their rights.  Under color of law Watch
132 Video affidavit supplied to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals March 5, 2008 in opposition to defendant BB&T Bankcorp’s councils motion to dismiss appeal number 2561 2007 term which would in fact denied McDermott’s yet another jury trial under color of law and authority. McDermott’s closing arguments and judges instructions to the jury included. Lying lawyer Jeff Harding’s arguments on program 124 in the series located on this website Watch
131 short video on how Prince George’s County Courts work to defeat justice and cover-up for the Sapperstein crime syndicate in the matter of McDermott versus Crystal Skates CAL 95 08728 showing conspiracy being committed between seventh judicial circuit Chief Judge, Circuit Court Judge Tom Smith relative of  the defendants being sued partial not showing instructions to the jury on the elements of crime Watch
130 Road trip by NEWS. February 28, 2008 to Baltimore, 1 Sherron Galloway hires a lawyer, 2  Maryland lawyers behind the Sapperstein crime syndicate, 3 Baltimore lawyers involved in the Sapperstein crime syndicate. 4.Background checks on crime syndicate lawyers live report. 5 final destination Maryland and the Court of Special Appeals in Annapolis trying to get releases of lein from Sapperstein crime syndicate attorneys to present to Judge Bloom and to Judge Hollander showing good faith had been employed but no such documents exist refuting the false assertions by Judge Martin Prince George’s County Circuit Court programs 127, 128 and 129 that his actions and statements were a fraud on the court and treason against the Constitution denying citizens vested rights to due process at law.  When will the Court of special appeals take remedial action. Watch
129 Part One of a three-program series using actual video transcripts from the courts of Prince George’s County Maryland hearing in 95 – 13 288 as an educational tool to the judges of the Maryland Court of Special Appeals specifically Judge Bloom and Judge Hollander .Motions hearing were trial judge commits treason against the Constitution and AIDS in the fraud on the court by denying pro se litigants motioned for release of illegal liens on his property which land records will attest are still recorded as of February 28 2008 14 years after plaintiffs and their attorneys first filed a fraudulent summary judgments against defendants. See first trial at program number 115 as evidence of how the court helps gangster lawyers rob our citizens Watch
128 Part Two of a three-program series using actual video transcripts from the courts of Prince George’s County Maryland hearing in 95 – 13 288 as an educational tool to the judges of the Maryland Court of Special Appeals specifically Judge Bloom and Judge Hollander chronicling how circuit court judge commits treason against the Constitution by working with lying lawyer to deny motion for cost, Against crime syndicates lying lawyer and his clients for deceiving the court and bringing bad-faith unjustified proceedings stretching out 14 years of fraud and deceit false statements before the court under color of law and authority. Case currently before Judge Hollander and Bloom Maryland Court of special appeals case 06 – 01239 Watch
127 Part three of a three-program series using actual video transcripts from the courts of Prince George’s County Maryland hearing in 95 – 13 288 as an educational tool to the judges of the Maryland Court of Special Appeals specifically Judge Bloom and Judge Hollander this segment deals with trial courts committing treason against the Constitution and fraud against the court by continually denying legal discovery. Watch
126 Sharon Galloway saga continues at Baltimore County Circuit Court were Gangster lawyers team up against pro this se litigant using dirty tricks, deceit and fraud upon the court moving for summary judgment dismissal, this is why less than 1% of the people in the United States ever get the jury trial requested under the Constitution and how lying lawyers make a fool of the judicial system and continue to rob the client’s, Watch
125 Update from Cecil County Maryland where local citizens hold a vigil for homeless people who have taken their lives because County officials forced privately funded homeless shelter to close, reneging on their contract to allow local homeless advocate permission to build a shelter with her own funds on her own property. County has now begun a evil and sinister toned campaign to destroy Carla Reeves financially and emotionally, by having County’s attorneys wrongfully prosecuted this citizen for trumped up zoning violation & providing shelter in an agricultural area for citizens not animals which is allowed by current zoning laws. As County lying lawyers help other lawyers rob local citizens of their rights. Under color of law. Watch

Educational video of actual FULL jury trial highlights .  Once again Court denies pro se litigants due process rights by moving proceedings to Chambers off the record where  plaintiff was admonished having jury instructions regarding fraud and corruption presented to the jury the trier of fact. Closing arguments and close attention needs to be assessed to the own the record discussion between Chief Judge Missouri and judge Smith stating that the finance council had the night prior a priced Chief judge that judge Smith did a good job dismissing plaintiff’s claims with one to go,

Jury returns verdict and verdict is recorded against defendants.  The jury was dismissed weeks later Gangster judge- golf eyes an Erolled jury verdict against brother-in-law.

We hope these video’s will help pro se litigants prepare to defend their rights and liberties in America’s gangster controlled courts 
123 Educational video of actual FULL jury trial highlights Direct and cross examination of co-conspirator of the Saperstein crime syndicate see how artfully judge Smith suppresses evidence of the connection between bankrupt debtor Andrew Moore and witnesses sister who is his next-door neighbor.  Once again plaintiff is under duress and coercion by the court for threat of contempt of court if parties are named.  
122 Educational video of actual FULL jury trial highlights Plaintiffs examination of Peter Parker Esq. Member of the Saperstein crime syndicate.  See how artfully judge marches in lockstep with Gangsters lying lawyer as he systematically suppresses all relevant evidence of plaintiffs, this objections before they are asked after threatening plaintiff also record.  Yes this is how this George’s County courts rob you.  

Educational video of actual FULL jury trial highlights Second plaintiffs witness see exactly how the judge marches in lockstep with crime syndicates lying lawyer to prevent the jury from hearing 90% of the relevant evidence of course this is because his brother-in-law is the defendant sitting the defense table directly in the case.

Plaintiff was proceeding under duress and forbidden to bring in any reference to defend dance connection to Andrew Clifford Moore co-conspirator bankrupt thief/swindler. 
120 Educational video of actual FULL jury trial highlights featuring secretive out of jury presents summary judgmentproceedings and denial of due process rights by Gangster influence of Judge committing fraud in this court and treason against the Constitution.  By denying matters that should have been addressed by a jury not a corrupt judge. Protecting the Saperstein crime syndicate under color of law.  
119 Educational video of an actual FULL jury trial in reverse order part 1 shows how jury selection process works. This actual court transcript also shows how corporate lying lawyers are encouraged by the court to commit fraud on pro se litigants with secret communications and out of time filings. Remember at this point this judge has been asked to recuse himself for over five years for conspiracy to commit fraud.  
118 Further educational video showing citizens what they face when they go to court in Prince George’s County Maryland.  And just how far the judges will go in covering up fraud on the court by corporate Gangsters with relatives within the court system at this point Judge Thomas Smith has already committed treason against the Constitution and fraud on the court by sitting in on his own brother-in-law’s proceedings. As documents in the United States Supreme Court will attest to and have not been refuted.  
117 Last primary debate in Maryland’s fourth Congressional District 2008 election hosted by Prince George’s counties CT/V and the Washington Post edited by candidate George McDermott to highlight why in his campaign he refers to Prince George’s County Maryland as the land of the scam and the home of the fraud having the most Corrupt judicial system in the Nation and why the district is destroyed by the courts.  
116 Educational series part 2 of 8 chronicles how courts help lawyers for corporate clients and Gangsters subvert the rules of court and our Constitution in order to defeat pro se litigants rights to due process at law and the court by deliberately subverting their oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. At this point Judge Martin joins in an ongoing conspiracy to commit fraud on the court and treason  

Educational series part 1 of 2 programs chronicling how judges of the seventh judicial circuit in Maryland’s courts subvert the law to protect court insiders and crime syndicate members program recorded by the court November 30, 1995 unfortunately court had majority of video transcript destroyed to cover up their fraud check timeline last minutes video.  This is an actual court proceeding evidencing fraud by the court.

Judge Sheppard joins conspiracy to commit treason against the Constitution 
114 Part 2 of the Carla Reeves story. How the courts steal from widows and orphans. Watch
113 Secretary goes on record attesting to fraud and statements of the last 2 victims. Part 3 Watch
112 Statements of additional victims and their horrifying stories of judicial abuse. Part 2 Watch
111 The opening statements of the eight families in Cecil County MD. who have been robbed of their properties and rights by the courts of Cecil County and one lawyer who controls the county statements. Part 1 of 4 Watch
110 Washington Post announcement that the FBI and Justice Department are to begin investigating fraud and corruption regarding predatory loans. Watch
 109 Cecil County Maryland officials renege on their word forcing a privately funded homeless shelter to close in the dead of winter. Homeless people committed suicide because of lack of shelter and food. Watch
 108 The United States Supreme Court petition number 07-228 chronicling how the Supreme Court dismisses 98% of its cases with unsigned unauthenticated orders that can not be verified by the court records and documents. Watch
107 Explanation to the Federal Election Commission and the constituents of Brow's 4th Congressional District as to why George McDermott, candidate, has not been able to fund his campaign. Watch
 106 Notifying Prince George's County and 7th judicial circuits chief administrative judge William Missouri that his order of December 19th was being taken on appeal for violating code of professional conduct and standard of professional responsibility and that an official complaint of judicial misconduct will be filed against the judge. Watch
105 Filing a notice of appeal divesting the circuit court of jurisdiction of the action between Branch Banking and Trust Company versus McDermott's responding to the courts bad-faith order discovered earlier in the day. Watch
104 In front of the courthouse annex 12/26/2007 after finding out that the court had issued orders on December 19th denying all relief to defend its granting plaintiffs BB&T bank's bad faith pleadings. Watch
103 Victim's Roundtable with George McDermott (full version) Watch
Special Sharon Galloway & George McDermott Watch
Special Elana Sassower & George McDermott Watch
102 Victim's Roundtable part 2 Watch
101 Victim's Roundtable part 1 Watch
 100 The Debate with George McDermott on November 17th, 2007 Watch
Special Barbara Johnson Appeal of the disbarment  American hero to regain her legal right against a corrupt and abusive judicial system defending our constitution. Watch
 99 George McDermott Congressional race media event short version Watch
98 George McDermott Congressional race media event full version Watch
97 George McDermott covering the Peace March in Washington DC part 2 Watch
96 George McDermott covering the Peace March in Washington DC part 1 Watch
95 George McDermott announces his run for Congress. Watch
  94 Aug 07 2007, as witnessed by Elena Sassower, George McDermott obtains and talks about the unsigned orders in the United States Supreme Court  record regarding the writ of certiorari and the Motion for Rehearing filed by Sharon Galloway.  these petitions were denied, even though the court was on vacation.  Who denied them them?  And, why were they not signed? Watch
 93 Update from Elana Ruth Sassower from the Center for Judicial Accountability part 2 Watch
  92 Update from Elana Ruth Sassower from the Center for Judicial Accountability part 1 Watch
 91 Honk To Impeach Watch
90 Secret Justice News introduces Sharon Galloway. Sharon will be features in a future documentary on corruption in the courts Watch
89 Secret Justice update on June 6th 2007. Courts continue to deny the Constitutional rights of George McDermott. Watch
88 NEWS Reports from Washington DC on peace movement part one of a four-part series that the United for peace and justice coalition staged with resounding success.  An estimated 750,000 plus people peacefully gathered in front of the capital of the United States to send a message to our Congress and elected leaders that they want accountability on the war President Bush declared on the sovereign nation.  And the consequences lack of leadership has cost this nation in lives lost, exploding deficit, and the loss of integrity and respect throughout the world as a result of the war was initiated on lies and deceit.  Report shows all shows all aspects of a peaceful rally, organization, guest speakers, political support, community support, organized labor support, and a March that completely encircled the capital of United States from 3rd St.& Jefferson Street Northwest up Constitution Avenue, across 1st St. back down Independence and disbursing at fourth and Constitution crowd was so large, that its leaders were arriving at departure area tens of thousands were leaving the staging area. 

It was a very successful day for the peace movement in United States


David Davenport how the Baltimore criminal justice system works to protect criminal conduct of its lawyers even to the point of  fully prosecuting and prosecuting the handicap and disable.  Case law. "11 conveys a false impression by disclosure of some facts and concealment of others, such concealment is in effect a false representation that what is disclosed is the whole truth."  State vs. Coddington 622 P.2d 115, 135 Ariz. App.  (1983).  Court suppressed all evidence offered by mentally impaired defendant under color of law.  Approximately one hour long


report on how the FBI and United States Justice Department promote Fraud upon the court and obstruct justice to protect the Sapperstein crime syndicate and its members agents and assigns who have made a full of the Federal Bureau of investigation, then given preferential treatment by the US Justice Department, have helped in the extortion efforts against Donald Stone industries history of the Sapperstein are syndicate and its ties to the FBI and Justice Department available and linked through bottom of page chronicling Maryland a state of corruption naming FBI agents, Justice Department officials, judges, and prosecutors who have assisted the Sapperstein crime syndicate and its receiving of preferential treatment as a knowledge by the Maryland Parole Commission formed Gilbert Sapperstein and his agents the reputed godfather of the Jewish mafia for the state Maryland.  Court fraud was committed by FBI agents and Justice Department agents as defined in case of Dunahay v.Struzik, 393 P, 2d 930, 96 Ariz,. 246 (1964).  Case law supports oath of office of FBI agents and Justice Department officials to investigate and prosecute criminal activities not cover them up to protect insiders and gangster's.

Approximately one hour long


Secretjustice news chronicles the steps taken to filing and perfecting a case against the United States Justice Department and the American Bar Association for criminal conspiracy, obstruction of justice, denial of due process rights, extortion, racketeering, and fraud on the court by agents of the defendant's knowingly importing false evidence in court proceedings.  Court fraud defined "fraud" "silence can only be equated with Fraud wind there is any legal moral duty to spay or when and and wiring left on and she would be intentionally misleading."  US forces Prudden, 424 F 2d.  1021, U.S. vs Tweel, 550 F.2d 297, 299-300 case will supporting this contention.

Approximately one hour long


Secretjustice news chronicles how the Internal Revenue Service destroys court documents to protect the Sapperstein crime syndicate and retaining illegal judgments again second-class citizen road trip includes stops at the United States Tax Court, the Jewish flush penthouse previously residents of J. Edgar Hoover, winding up at Crystal Skate now, new Delight Skate Palace opened without legal occupancy permit.  As record is made chronicling how the Internal Revenue Service, United States Justice Department, United States Attorney's office, the FBI, and Prince Georges County State's Attorney's office to our protecting judges related to the Sapperstein crime syndicate who stole this business for five dollars and how the judges joined in a criminal conspiracy to cover up the misconduct and fraud of their fellow judicial officers, Case law in support of Court fraud and deceit by judicial officers, "fraud and deceit may arise from silence where there is a duty to speak the truth as well as to from speaking an untruth."  Morrison V. action, 198 P.2d 590, 68 Ariz. 27 Ariz . 1948.

Approximately one hour long

83 Open letter to creditors of victim identity theft. Asking for affidavits on debt to be put into the court record to refute Judge Dwight D. Jackson's denial of waiver court fees due to poverty. George MdcDermott plead to the creditors to respond to September 1 request for financial affidavits  to be furnished to the cout. Watch
82 Documentay open letter to Congressman Al Wynn in support of October 4, 2006 correspondence. Regarding criminal misconduct and obstruction of justice and the United States Tax court seeking congressional inquiry and assistance of Justice Department and at the F.B.I. Watch
81 Secret Justice News. Filing of a criminal complaint against crime syndicate members, Andrew Moore, Gilbert Saperstein, Peter Parker, Wayne Bowie, and Howard Fine how to "prepare and file a criminal complaint against" GANGSTERS: a one hour documentary made to assist the Maryland,s states attorney Glynn Ivy's end identifying co-conspirators. Watch
80 Response to illegal court order denying defendant/ second class citizen's waiver of court costs. One hour documentary on the importance of filing a motion for reconsideration. Correcting the record to alert Judge Dwight D. Jackson that his actions would further a criminal conspiracy and fraud on the court being committed plaintiffs, Watch
79 How the Saperstein Crime Syndicate uses the United States bankruptcy court's system to make millions of dollars on $5 alleged investments, and how parties in the United States Trustee's office assists in HIS criminal activities to benefit fellow lawyers and corrupt judges. Watch
78 The Michael Davenport story how Maryland in-justice for most criminal justice system wrongfully prosecutes victim and handicapped persons to cover up for the criminal misconduct of their attorneys fraud on the court Watch
77 George McDermott at the Maryland University Peace and Justice Coalition Debate Watch
76 George McDermott at Maryland's 4th Congressional District Debates Watch
75 George McDermott on Channels 4 & 9 - Campaign altercation Watch
74 George McDermott on Montgomery Community Television - Campaign for Congress Watch
73 DEAD MAN WALKING - victim of judicial abuse and corruption. Watch
72 Secret Justice News coverage of political forum held by the Green Democrats of Montgomery County May 13, 2006 candidates for United States Congress Maryland's Fourth Congressional District answer questions regarding their views on current affairs affecting the citizens of the State of Maryland. We thank the Maryland Green Democrats for the invitation to speak. Watch
71 Secret Justice News travels to two Maryland's new judicial training center and home of the Maryland commission of judicial disabilities. Watch
70 Secret Justice News travels to Annapolis Maryland Ct. of special appeals and court of appeals / COURTS FOR GANGSTERS Watch
69 Victim of gangster court takes road trip to Baltimore Sun newspaper updating investigative reporter on the courts as to the recent filings. Watch
68 Live report from the land of the scam home of hte fraud victim of judicial terrorist report from Prince George's County courthouse. Watch
67   Watch
66 The Victims Roundtable in a Chat with Glendora special one-hour presentation on filing complaints with judicial disability commissions and how these commissions failed to do their job and how these failures translate to victims been victimized by gangster judges and their family members.  This victim was a victim of Maryland crime kingpin Gilbert Sapperstein and the Sapperstein crime syndicate.  Which has made a fool out of the Maryland judicial system. Stories on the site chronicled history part 1 of 3 in series where victim reads into the record his complaint for judicial misconduct against gangster Judge Watch
65 Victims Roundtable in a Chat with Glendora joined with the victims coalition and Citizen to stage a rally at the United States Congress front door on April 7, 2006 were citizens exercising First Amendment rights spoke one after another as to how the courts have robbed them the rights and liberties and their property and how House and Senate Judiciary and failed this nation in supplying equal justice under the law and equal protection under the law by not disciplining robed judges Watch
64 The Victims Roundtable interviews Constance Andrettis Tantor victim of a fraudulent corporate takeover engineered by corporate attorneys and judges promoting insider fraud.  This is a truly riveting story where victim outlines spending millions on the best lawyers who are deny justice and access to the court when local judges conspire with local attorneys to steal your property.  Victim outlines how she was put in prison in solitary confinement and how senators and congressmen and in the highest level of government have championed her case was yet no one will take action against Judges corruption. Watch
63 The Victims Roundtable interviews Julius Fleishman, Limited partner of Crystal Skate Limited Partnership, the partnership that was destroyed by court corruption and the courts have obstructed partners efforts to regain their property from the Gilbert Sapperstein crime syndicate who has been using partnership assets and receivables to run a money-laundering operation of Prince Georges County Maryland into foreign banking counts.  All this is supported by the Prince Georges County judges and Department of Justice who have blocked all efforts to bring these criminals to Justice.  One hour long Watch
62 The John McDermott story.  Victim of a Charles County Maryland Judge who put him in prison for two years after he applied for a reduction in child-support payments because of physical impairment.  This show chronicles the worst of Justice.  Inhumane County detention center, lack of rehabilitation and work-release programs, the practice of putting misdemeanor offenders in with lifers and murderers.  Victim also tells of being stabbed in prison with an ice pick and in this treatment and denial of treatment THAT almost costs his life.  One hour long                                    you wont believe this story Watch
61 Road trip to Annapolis Maryland to the new home of the judicial training Center and the Maryland Rules Committee requesting certification of, exactly at what point in time, the State Legislature changed the rules to allow appellate courts and their judges to issue orders to the clerks of the court,  telepathically denying actions brought by second-class citizens 10 minutes long Watch
60 Second-class citizen, George McDermott, ventures to the Maryland Court of Appeals and special deals for gangsters to petition corrupt court to furnish documents required under the state administrative procedures act that the court is in conformity with the State Constitution and that its records are in compliance with the legislative intent.  Records revealed sloppy shoddy incomplete records available at the courts office with no signed orders or memorandums by Judge dismissing second-class citizens actions.  40 minutes long Watch
59 Secret Justice, The Victims Roundtable, interviews latest guest Susan Payne. a road trip to Charles County, Maryland to uncover the corruption in the court resulting in her fathers wrongful death and the conspiracy to strip his estate by judges and lawyers for the benefit of insiders. 10 minutes long Watch
58 The truth about the commissions on judicial disabilities. They deserve a failing grade. A case history complaint filed February 22, 2006 and made public at An educational video produced for the people of South Dakota to combat disinformation. Watch
57 world can't wait for Bush to step down part 2 of 3 Watch
56 move campaign to stop corruption now exposing K, st, Bush insider's Watch
55 world can't wait People's state of the Union counterdemonstration 2006 1 of 3 Watch
54 world can't wait indictment against this president protest march at White House Watch
53 Secret Justice Newstravels to Washington DC's Catholic University School of Law where victim George McDermott reads into the record UCC code judges do not recognize. Watch
52 and the citizens of Washington DC area beginning campaign to stop corruption NOW! Watch
51 Report from the American University College of Law Citizen victim of judicial abuse outlines the American Bar Association's negligent lack of discipline and enforcement of court rules. Watch
50 Road trip to the American University College of Law the alma mater of Judge Thomas Smith. Victim reads into the record courts rules that judges and lawyers are exempt from. Watch
49 Victim of gangster court akes road trip to the Maryland General Assembly, with stops at the Maryland State Archives and Marylan Commission on Judicial Disabilities and Bar Council. Watch
48 A. Correcting deficiency notice in the Maryland court of Special Deals for Gangsters. B. Motion in Court of Appeals to take judicial notice of 97 case. Watch
47 Victim of judicial abuse reads into the record supporting affidavit furnished to the commission on judicial dissability in 1997 in the matter of Smith vs. mcDermott Watch
46 Reading into the record complaint of judicial misconduct in front of the offices of the Maryland commission os judicial disabilities Watch
45 Citizen resonds to correspondence from chairwoman of the Maryland House of delegates judiciary committee chair criminal Justice subcommitee, reading into record 1997 complaints over judicial misconduct against Judge Smith (part 4 of 4) Watch
44 Citizen resonds to correspondence from chairwoman of the Maryland House of delegates judiciary committee chair criminal Justice subcommitee regarding requests for assistance hand-delivered to members of the General Assembly 1/13/06 (part 1 of 4) Watch
43 Spiritual Rebirth - Baptism ceremonies at Forest Heights Baptist Md. Church, The deeper meaning of the baptism service. Watch
42 Filing a motion for certification of law with the Maryland Court of Special appeals and the Md. Court of Appeals regarding verification of the General Assembly's modification to the Constitution authorizing unsigned orders. Watch
41 Citizen petitioning the Maryland General Assembly and Senate to verify at what point in time the judicial rules committee modified our Constitution authorizing Md. Appellate courts iissue unsigned orders and not keep records. Watch
40 Maryland Attorney General covers on corruption by gangsters and their court insiders. Watch
39 Why are the Justice Department and FBI covering up judicial fraud and corruption in Maryland's court's by gangster Gilbert Saperstein and his crime family/partners Peter Parker Esq. Disbarred & Wayne A. Bowie Watch
38 Secret Justice: What is it? Victim chronicles how Secret Justice affects all citizens by denying them access to their coourt of law. Watch
37 Citizen question this to Supreme Court nominee Judge amuel Alito. Citizen asked on the record specific questions regarding nominees standing on the secret unsigned on authenticating, rubberstamp, fictitious orders, issued by purportedly appellate judges Watch
36 Victim / candidate for the United States Congress states on the record the status of campaign contributions through January 2, 2006 for the Federal Election Commission. Funding hampered by campaign fraud and conspiracy by incumbents. Watch
35 Forest Heights Baptist Church presents A Celebration of Life Christmas Special for shut-ins and those who were on duty Christmas Day Watch
34 History of events leading up to what may be the most outrageous bankruptcy fraud and subsequent cover up by our court system within the recorded history of our courts. Watch
33 Reading of the transcript of sham bankruptcy hearing fictitious judge Gerald Schiff allegedly from blues Louisiana persiding, maybe this is the point in time that Maryland court of special deals was referring to. Watch
32 Debtor's Council knowingly makes false statements about debtor's stock interest & obligations to banks and creditors. Judge goes on record that elements of fraud on the court are present. Watch
31 Educational video showing gangsters and their attorneys use the court system to gert illegal summary judgements against victims. Going so far as to order court transcripts altered and erased. Watch
30 Secrest Justice Productions NEWS on our broken courts. How Maryland's #1 GANGSTER used insiders to get a "get out of jail free card" while other inmates have to serve their sentences as second-class citizens. Watch
29 Hurricane Katrina - SenatorEdward Kennedy's emergency legislation press conference attended by ACORN members affected by the Bush administration's bad judgement in filling crucial roles in FEMA with political appointees who were not qualified to do the job. Part 1 of 2 Watch
28 Waiting in the water for government relief that was slow to come. Victim's stories of how hurricane Katrina impacted their lives but the government and Bush administration delivered the final blow with inadequate and ill-prepared relief effort. Part 2 of 3 Watch
27 Secretjustice productions NEWS on our broken Court's Maryland's Judges
breaking the law to help Gangsters steal your property the official
Court record of a Second-Class Citizen.


26 This show chronicles how the Maryland court system covers up for criminal conduct gangsters and their attorneys Watch
25 A Culture of Corruption in the U.S. Congress featuring, Congressman Delay, and His Republican gangsters and shaking down corporate America Part 1 Watch
24 A Culture of Corruption in the U.S. Congress featuring, Congressman Delay, and His Republican gangsters and shaking down corporate America Part 2 Watch
23 A Culture of Corruption in the U.S. Congress featuring, Congressman Delay, and His Republican gangsters and shaking down corporate America Part 3 Watch
22 Video made in support of motion to supplement the record McDermott versus Bowie docketed October 21, 2005 appellee's have direct ties t gangster Gilbert Saperstein  
21 A time for accountability citizens protest against the president's administration and war policy promoting fraud  
20 A time for accountability chronicling the people protest march of 9/24/05 Watch
19 Announcement by George McDemott of his running for Congress Watch
18 Gangster Court which will not allow victims of Marylands number one Gangster to give victims impact statements on the record.  Shows description Show takes place in front of the Baltimore City Circuit Criminal Court, Clarence Mitchell, Courthouse immediately following the sentencing of Marylands number one Gangster for stealing from the Baltimore city school system and getting caught. Gangster and the citizen who pled in guilty to all eight and counts of the Baltimore Grand Jury Indictment including conspiracy to commit theft, conspiracy to bribe public officials, conspiracy to falsify documents, yet victims of these crimes are not allowed to file victims impact statement. Even though Gangsters attorney never even docketed his motion in opposition, which the court should not have considered, as a basic tenant of court rules and law. Fill footage 12 minutes long Elana Sassower filing appeal DC Court of Appeals.Show description, show deals with a citizen hero and her heroic fight to have her name cleared and rights restored, after being framed up and falsely imprisoned by officers of the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary and the gangster courts which they oversee doing business as District of Columbia Superior Court and District of Columbia Court of Appeals both of which have little or no respect for the rule of law in the Constitution as video evidence will attest to. Watch
17 Highlights of an hour long interview with Shirley Binon discussing how the Maryland court of special appeals encourages gangster lawyers to rob from the less fortunate and give to rich., This victims story is compelling and true, the court records speak for themselves Marylands appellate courts have declared war on pro se litigants, Black Robed bandits amend the legal principles of law in favor of gangster Justice to protect fellow union members in the bar. Watch
16 This program outlines just how far Our Appellate Courts in the state of Maryland and around the nation will go to unlawfully deny virtually every pro se litigant their vested rights to represent themselves in our Courts of law. The appeal discussed in this show chronicles how Black Robed bandits use their position on the bench to steal from the disadvantaged and give to rich. that which they have no right to have under the law of legal principles and the law of right and wrong. Watch
15 Secret Justice News chronicling how the ABA and gangster court judges help unscrupulous lawyers and their clients to steal your property, your legal rights.  a Victim of this INJUSTICE lays out his victims impact statement answering state prosecutors response letter stating that prosecutor as no jurisdiction over civil matters. Victim reads into the record from the Maryland crimes and offenses, statutes of law incorporated into our Constitution, approximately 10 minutes long chronicling how prosecutors will not allow the second-class citizens to file criminal complaints against white-collar criminals who have been made it by bribing public officials and officers of the government. b part 2  A victim chronicles how appellate courts in our nation now employ secret proceedings to help lawyers cover up their criminal acts against society and steal from the poor to give to rich using such tactics as unsigned orders, unpublished opinions with rubber stamp per curiam acknowledgments in which there is no record at the court of proceedings being brought before the court. Once again, the victim outlines just how the Court steals your property with unsigned orders. Verification of these allegations is now stored for 20 years in the National Archives and the Maryland Archives. Dont expect to find a record in the Court Watch
14 This program chronicles the difficulties encountered by the average citizen when corrupt court criminals and their attorneys abuse the trust of the court and use their status as fellow bar members to coerce and induce judges and prosecutors to abandon their legal principles in favor of covering up for crimes of fellow bar members who fabricate fraudulent documents exceeding any standard legal accountability under federal and state banking laws. Note explicitly shows how white-collar criminals such as Gilbert Saperstein and Marylands crime kingpin preference in our courts through a system of bribery of public officials which Saperstein has admitted on the record . A victims true story that can be verified in over 1 Hundred Court Cases now stored in the National Archives and Maryland Archives Watch
13 spending a day with Elana Ruth Sassower as she delivers her appeal papers to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals and the Gangsters at the US Justice Department. This part of the program and deals with making a video record for an appellate. who was wrongfully prosecuted and put in prison for the crime of. respectfully requesting to speak to a adjourned, session of Congress for six months while the Appellate Courts and its Gangster judges denied all relief using rubber stamped unsigned orders and opinions to keep this citizen in prison against her will and against the law to protect members of the Senate Judiciary committee who framed her illegally Part two Elana Sassower returns to congressional Cemetery to remember the cherished to view she had former prison window and recount briefly what it was like to be in prison for six months for the horrendous crime of attempting to bring matters concerning a corrupt New York State Judge to the attention of the Senate Judiciary committee. And how the chairman of that committee conspired, with other members of the Senate and their staff agents, to frame up this citizen and put her in prison. This show chronicles just how far OUR Republican-controlled Senate will go to abolish the laws of this Nation. Watch
12 Replay of A Chat With Glendora program dealing with unlicensed lawyer forming a Gangster corporation to take over our nations courts in violation of our legal in civil rights. 30 minutes long.  This show chronicles documented statements of fact in an open discussion telephone interview between Glendora, Americas champion of pro se litigants Rights, and George McDermott founder of Secret Justice News also victim of a broken dysfunctional court system which has become predatory by nature, protecting unlicensed lawyers, who work for corrupt corporations, that steal the rights and liberties of the minorities and THE disadvantaged. As can be verified on others programs on this site Watch
11 This program deals with Justice "fact fiction" or a fraud in our Courts.  Glendora reads into the record the absurdity of appellate judges refusal to address judicial complaints against court officers who breach the trust of their office, and violate the legal and civil rights of litigants under the color of law and authority. In secret also record using rubber stamp in- Justice. This portion of the show reveals just how far OUR Senate leadership going on record denouncing out-of-control Court what is and is not appropriate in our courts. And the fear Americans now live in, Of OUR Courts. From 7:15 seconds to 9 minutes 36 seconds. This portion deals with the official Senate video recording chronicling events leading up to the six month illegal incarceration and prosecution of Elena Sassower by members of the Senate Judiciary committee and their staff.. This portion deals with the official tape of the United States Senate showing the illegal frame up and the arrest of citizen activist Elana Ruth Sassower by members of the Senate Judiciary committee and their staff, Who had this citizen arrested within three seconds of the time she included her statement asking to respectfully speak to a now adjourned and concluded the Senate hearing. 9 minutes 37 seconds to 12 minutes. Watch
06/09/05a   Watch
06/09/05b   Watch
  Secret Justice News update on criminal Gilbert Saperstein from the land of the scam and the home of the fraud Prince Georges County Maryland . a this portion to program is 5 minutes long. And deals with status of plea-bargain hearing in which Gangster pled guilty to all 8Counts of conspiracy to commit, bribery, theft, and related offenses regarding theft of many dollars from the Baltimore city school system and was allowed to go free until sentencing August 24. Sapersteins victims do an interview outside of court. 6 minutes 52 seconds long. C And this portion of program deals with Sappersteins crime organization visits the Maryland Court of Special Deals where Gangsters are protected BY And their cruel co-conspirators, also known as Appellate Judges rewarded for their criminal misdeeds by judges and court officers who refused Refuse to sign their own orders and use rubber stamp in-Justice to steal victims properties and rights segment 10:45 minutes through 13:45 minutes. 9d this portion of program deals with the victim turned advocate working with Acorn as a co-chair of the Predatory Lending Committee to restore Justice to our courts and hold predatory lenders liable for their crimes against the society segment runs from 13:46 through 16:48 minutes, Watch
10 Who is lying about Social Security Washington DC acorn holds down-home meeting with Congress and  Senate representatives challenging the presidents.  Full frontal attack on Americas Social Security program. 17 minutes long Watch
9 Glendora spells out complaint against DC judge Buddy Freeman for violating the constitutional rights of this pro se litigant under color of law and authority Watch
8 This second-class citizens appellants brief in the Maryland court of special appeals /  deals for gangsters, citizen victim of court corruption refutes the undersigned unauthenticated undocumented fraudulent order of the court. 30 minutes long Watch
7 Segment 2 perfecting your appeal in the Maryland court of special appeals/deals for gangsters educational experience showing dues and and mistakes made by most pro se litigants when they trust the integrity of the court. 30 minutes long video Watch
6 Segment 1 in perfecting your appeal in the Maryland court of special deals second-class citizen reads the order which is appealed into the record and points out shortcomings post a litigants and second-class citizens confront in the courts 30 minutes long. Watch
5 The bush whacking in Virginia Beach part 1 of  2 hundredths of a court numbers issued citations for illegal demonstration many of whom never even exited the buses this is how Virginia Beach protects predatory lenders by restricting LAWFUL demonstrations Watch
4 Part 2 of  2 the bush whacking in Virginia Beach local law enforcement calls out tactical unit as a show of force to protect predatory lenders from demonstration. Watch
3 acknowledge and gives  credit to those most responsible for news outlining their participation and contribution to news by and through their official acts and in actions part 2  of  2 Watch
2 acknowledge and gives  credit to those most responsible for news outlining their participation and contribution to news by and through their official acts and in actions part 1 of  2 Watch
1 Maryland courts Burn as corruption gets out of hand victims of injustice of these courts wakeup to find court House engulfed in flames . As reported by major media who failed to report on the widespread corruption within these courts. Ask yourself why Watch